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The Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral Commission, Club of Rome and the New Age Movement have colluded setting up the final form of world power. Proof of which is in the everyday words being used by these same people such as New World Order. This was once a hush hush phrase but no more. They are haughty in their belief no one can stop them now and is why they are not afraid to use this term. Kissinger a member of the all the above went so far as to say Obama was prepared to lead the New World Order. Bush senior made over 144 references to the term. Everything is in place but naming the one-world government dictator. The creation of central banks, IMF, NAFTA, GAAT, WTO and World Bank which has been taking place for over 100 years was necessary for these evil men to concentrate the wealth into the hands of a few by dictating monetary policy for the nations. Secretary of the Treasure Tim (I don't pay my taxes) Geithner is part of this cabal as well as Chairman Bernarke of the Federal Reserve (U.S. central bank). For that matter, for many years the various departments of that make up the Executive Branch of Government has been run by members of this cabal. To make matters worse, even many of those we elected are also members. For example, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas is on the steering committee of the Bilderberger Group and that is why she supports Open Borders and the implementation of the North American Union. She worked closely with "W" to push this agenda.

Anyway,they decide when we have inflation, deflation, recession, depression and so on. They have manipulated the various currencies of the world for some time now. I'm sure most of you have noticed how one section of the world's economy is booming while another is sucking buttermilk and then a switch is made to turn it around and this goes on and on in a circle. This is done by design through manipulation of the currencies. These reprobates have broken the world down into ten world entities (Regions), which is the combination of nation states in a given area of the world. This is done for micro-managing the world's economy more efficiently and to put down rebellion more effectively. For example, the creation of the North American Union, which includes Mexico, Canada and the U.S. is part of this strategy to break the world down into regions for management purposes. The reason there is resistance to securing the border is the powers that be want these open borders to facilitate their plans. The Tran-Texas Corridor was a major part of this expansion. They called it the Security Properity Partnership or SPP if you will recall, which is code for making these entities one nation state. If you have a Sam's card notice what is on the label of meat packages as to where it was made. It will say Canada, U.S. and Mexico but not which one specifically. Why, because in the minds of these reprobates they are already one entity. These ten regions are U.S. Canada and Mexico, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, South Asia, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle-East and the remainder of Africa.
And a new manipulation is just around the corner; Quantitative Easing III. The influx of newly-printed Federal Reserve Notes will give a boost to the markets, as banksters move one pile of fiat money to make room for a new pile, and people's 401Ks will increase while the hyper-inflation speeds up under the radar. The overall economy suffers as the masses soak in the illusion of a market boom. It's happened twice so far, this one will be no different.

After two years of watching this steamroller build up its destructive power, my wife and I have decided to liquidate our 401K and put the money into hard assets while the FRNs still have value. Whether one sees the Apocalypse coming, or just as a hedge against the unquestionable hyper-inflation that is coming, storing food, water, hygiene articles, silver, gold, ammo, guns and any goods that have their own intrinsic value, will be the coin of the realm post-crash. FRNs will be valueless, just as they are in reality right now. Prep and pray people, prep and pray.