Obama's false add's and collage records
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Thread: Obama's false add's and collage records

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    Obama's false add's and collage records

    Whats everybody think about this Obama add on TV talking about the guy who's wife died of cancer after his plant was closed down by bane capital? Not only is the time frame complety wrong, but Romney had left bane years before the plant was closed down to work on the Olympics, also the guy want's you to belive his wife didn't have any insurance, but she was working herself and did have insurance. She died seven years after her husband lost his job. How in the hell can Obama's superpac put out these out right lies. Granted Obama says he has no input to these superpac's he sure could have come out and disagreed with them, But Noooooooo he just let it go on. Fox News has put out the correct stats on this over a month ago. On another thought, why has all of Obamas collage records been sealed, could it be he got into collage as a forgien exchange student, listing Kenya as his place of birth? There was a man on Fox News last week who was in Obamas graduating class and in the class Obama was supposed to be in and he and other members of that class couldn't ever remember Obama ever being in that class, WHF.

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    Obama cant run a campaign on his past accomplishments so he has to slam Romney with whatever his team of idiots can come up with, it discust me. Lies and more lies.
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    They can say what they want. There's no truth in advertising in campaign adds. Cast a shadow of doubt. Typical lawyer trick in a court room. As for the collage records, what's he hiding, could it be the scholarship he received only goes to foreign exchange students? Why isn't the main stream media up in arms about it? I can guarantee Romney wouldn't get a pass on this.
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    definitely no truth required in the ads posted by the superPACs.

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    They had a article on the news last week and the news talked about what Obama did EVERY TIME he came across an opinionate, his adds against them were attacts on there morals and any little bit of dirt they can let hit the fan, thay didn't want to talk about the what would help the country, only pitch the false add's and innuendoes that they hope will take away from the information like, lack of jobs, the Economy & budget, the mass over spending & the deficit thats increased more in the last 4 years than all the preaidents before Obama.

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