Brady Bunch Over Effort To Block Pro-gun Judicial Nominees
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Thread: Brady Bunch Over Effort To Block Pro-gun Judicial Nominees

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    Brady Bunch Over Effort To Block Pro-gun Judicial Nominees

    I received the following e-mail today.


    BELLEVUE, WA – In their continuing effort to destroy the Bill of Rights, the Brady Campaign has launched a joint effort with the extremist CREDO Action to block confirmation of federal judicial nominees who accept the Second Amendment as protective of a fundamental individual civil right.

    “If there were ever any question that the zealots at the Brady Campaign are determined to crush individual freedom and liberty in this nation,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, “this new fund raising effort should put that question to rest. This is yet another outrageous example of the extreme ends to which they will go in order to stack our federal courts with far left activist judges whom they hope will trample the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

    In its fund raising appeal, CREDO Mobile – which financially supports various Far Left causes including the Brady Campaign – bemoans the likelihood that a Supreme Court ruling, due next month in the Heller case, will affirm that the Second Amendment protects an individual civil right to keep and bear arms. The group also complains that such a ruling will lay the foundation for legal challenges of extremist gun laws now on the books in several states.

    “The Brady Campaign and CREDO obviously want federal judges who are hostile to the individual right to keep and bear arms,” Gottlieb stated. “Their appeal for funds even suggests that anti-gun Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, could be a willing pawn in this insidious campaign.

    “The country should no longer be surprised at the depths to which anti-gun rights fanatics will sink in their political jihad against a cornerstone of our Bill of Rights,” Gottlieb said. “What this campaign has done is focus public attention on Sen. Leahy and how he handles judicial nominations. We will be watching to see whether the Senate gives honest consideration to all nominees, or whether Leahy and his colleagues will allow anti-gun extremism to prevail.

    “It is time for the public to remind the Brady Campaign and its comrades that this is still the United States, not a police state,” he concluded.

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    the brady bunch needs to raise up... or go move to cuba or something with the rest of the commies
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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    Send them back to a soviet blocked area and don't let tham get funding from france.

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    We have to do our part to make sure that these judges are confirmed. Write you elected officials, and if they do not vote the right way, work your hardest to replace them. We do have the power all we need to do is weld it.

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    As sickening as it is to watch, the current Democratic Congress stands to become even more Democratic after this year's elections, making the struggle to appoint pro 2A judges even more difficult than it already is.

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    I just hope they do not end up winning. Things were looking better, but I am afraid around Nov things will start looking a lot worse.

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