A plan for getting out of the UN
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Thread: A plan for getting out of the UN

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    Exclamation A plan for getting out of the UN

    1. Move the UN HQ to Antarctica...The only continent owned by all the world.
    2. Turn the UN HQ compound in NYC into a shelter for homeless vets
    3. Confiscate all UN vehicles and give them to homeless vets.
    4. STOP giving foriegn aid to any country not on our side.
    5. Alleviate over crowding in the US prison system by sending those convicts to Antarctica (oughta give line one a run for the money)
    6. Enjoy NOT going to 3rd world hellholes to enforce policies put in place by UN knuckleheads.:bicycle:

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    +1. Works for me.
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    Don't expect the next presedent to do anything like that, we are going the wrong way. I do like the way you think.

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    I would only suggest to add that each UN Delegate be required to place an ACLU Lawyer under each arm as they board the plane. Otherwise, I'm good with this.
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    Sounds like its coming to a head fast.

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