Author Unknown sent by a friend

We now know that the president is living out the dreams of his father, to realize a world-wide Muslim caliphate, from the Atlantic to the Bay of Bengal. The caliphate would replace America as the dominant force in the world. But to achieve this, America must be diminished as a world power. To do this, it is necessary to rebalance it's economy to a par with other socialist countries; also to reduce the mighty power of America's armed forces.

Obama can't do it all. He needs the muslim countries to pitch in. They have wakened to the challenge, even though it is not certain they would welcome Obama as a supreme leader. They have started revolutions in many of their countries; Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan and Sudan and Turkey is wavering. Our government hails these developments as a move toward democracy, ie, "Arab Spring", but Obama stumbles when asked whether Egypt is an ally or an enemy. They have attacked our embassies in Iran, Yemen and Libya and, of course, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center; also an Army major who killed 17 military personal on his post. We don't get it. They are at war with us, yet our government identifies these developments as isolated incidents. Terrorism is not in the media's vocabulary. You may wonder why we continue to give finacial aid to so many of our muslim foes, e.g., Egypt, $3,200.000.000/year.

What things has the president done to achieve his local goals? He's cutting way back on our military units , so much so that the House of Representatives has passed a resolution to stop him from doing this. He has reduced the nuclear arsenal from 5,000 nukes to 1,500 and promised Russia to knock it down to 300.

He and Ben Bernanke have printed so much money, we are now broke and borrowing trillions of dollars a year, pushing the debt ceiling to $16 trillion and onward. The dollar is in certain jeopardy. We are now in a position which will call for extreme measures, much higher taxes and vast reductions in entitlements. All of this will insure the march of poverty, which has already started. Obama presented his budget to Congress, but it received no votes. He wanted to add massive spending. He knows that a population will withstand huge taxes. Countries in Western Europe are taxed 65%-80% on personal incomes. The Affordable Health Care Act will need this kind of tax support. What will happen to the 50% of our population which does not pay taxes?

America has the capacity to harvest it own fossil fuel, enough to last for more than 100 years at projected usages. If allowed to serve ourselves, a barrel of oil would cost us about $30, not $96, most of which finances our caliphate antagonists. Our president has vetoed the Yellowstone Pipeline and any drilling in the Alaskan ANWAR. He's maintained a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Now we must import almost 50% of our oil from our enemies.

Prior to Obama's election, his party caused the largest destruction of American wealth ever, now estimated at $13 trillion and still moving. In Lakeland FL alone, (with poplation of 110,000), there are presently 1200 home which will face foreclosure next month and 4,000 which are now in the process; 36% of all the homes since 2008 foreclosed.

I no longer concern myself where Obama was born, but where he is at present