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I respectfully disagree. Even if gas went to 32 a gallon, people these days would still want a vehicle that uses less of it or just want the gas for free. Americans are getting greedier and greedier these days, and the years of high gas prices have probably scared and scarred us enough to still consider other sources of energy.
That happened after the energy crisis of the 70s, but it only lasted for about 10 years. Then everyone forgot about it and went back to driving giant SUVs, and here we are again. People forget quickly.

If we would have made it a priority then, when there were actually fewer people committed to car-based transportation (proportionally more people still walked or used bicycles) we would be much better off now.

So now we have an extra 20 years of ICE development which is useless to us, and a moderate amount of experience on alternative fuels, most of which has been frantically accumulated in the last five years. Getting even farther behind will not do us any good.