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Thread: CCW Holder Fired By Pizza Hut

  1. This seems to be the way of the world lately. I know here in Florida they just passed a bill that would protect the rights of citizens to still have weapons in their cars. It seems that there was an attempt to ban even having guns in the parking lots of companies.

    I know my wife's company just made it company policy to ban firearms in the workplace. She will now have to leave hers in the car. I am not thrilled about that, as many years ago, I had a weapon stolen from my vehicle when I was unable to carry it legally in the place I had stopped.

    I can honestly say that I have never eaten at Pizza Hut, so no great loss. However, it is ridiculous to me that a driver, who carries money, has to go to some questionable areas, and is easily set up, should not be able to protect himself against the BG's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiofan View Post
    Oh please, that's ridiculous. Employers take urine and saliva samples all the time. I would think that is a bit more unreasonable than having employees walk through a metal detector for a gun search, which also happens at many places.
    Employees can consent to those measures. However, they are not likely to consent to being robbed and having to defend themselves.

    Pizza Hut may be ah*les, but they do have the right to set standards for their employees, as does GM, the Post Office, Allstate Insurance and Bank of America. How many of those do you figure allow guns on their property or allow employees to carry while working? There are thousands of corporations with written policies against guns during work. Are they all breaking the law? According to you they are.
    Is that the logic of, "if everyone's doing it, then it must be ok"?
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    Iam all for the boycott, Pizza Hut Pizza makes me want to barf every time I have ever ate it.
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    I think this happen awhile ago. If this is the same incident, the employee handbook this guy got didn't state anything about not being able to carry a firearm. It was only after the shooting he found out.
    I haven't eaten a PH in a long time and won't again. I believe it's my God given right to defend myself and I chose to do that with a firearm.
    New York State Consolidated Laws, Civil Rights, Article 2-Bill of Rights, Section 4

    S 4. Right to keep and bear arms. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

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    What is important is that you not only boycott pizza hut, but you LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE BOYCOTTING THEM AND WHY. Pizza Hut Corporate Offices at 800-948-8488 or visit

    In addition, write the media and let them know...
    NRA-ILA :: Action Center

    Additionally, write your representatives...
    NRA-ILA :: Action Center

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    If this guy had followed Pizza Hut policy he would have faced death or serious bodily injury. Guess what? In Connecticut you can draw down and defend yourself against perceived "death or serious bodily injury". This alludes to something much bigger than the driver or Pizza Hut- America has pimped out and sold it's morals for $$MONEY$$. Pizza Hut doesn't care if their employees live or die. Their policy is set by their insurance company. They'd rather save money than do the right thing (Wal-Mart anyone?).Just look at NAFTA and other free-trade agreements. Toyotas are made in the US and Fords are made in Mexico. Ford's QC is **** while Toyotas continually are rewarded with "best in class" quality and resale value. The difference is American workers. You guys got me started on a tangent. Who wants a bunch of cheap/plastic/toxic **** made in China anyway? Not me. But alot of us do. All the while laying off American workers, strenghthening China (the next superpower), and killing your own downtown. Do the right thing by keeping your money in America. It will strengthen the dollar and build confidence/pride in our beautiful country.

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    after a quick search, found:

    Pizza delivery driver fifth of 10-most dangerous jobs | | Pizza Marketplace 5th most dangerous job

    WREG-TV Memphis - Dangerous Work for Pizza Delivery Drivers stuff

    I'm sure there's more, but this is enough to convince me that anyone working a second job for extra $$ should carry. Don't ask, don't tell if you got to.
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    Pizza Hut Employee fired

    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemian View Post
    A 10 year plus Pizza Hut Employee and long time CCW permit holder was recently fired for defending himself...

    Pizza Hut deliveryman James Spiers thought he was making a routine delivery, but he was walking into an ambush. As Spiers approached, an armed man sprang at him with a gun, but Spiers, a concealed-carry permit holder, was no easy target. Police say Spiers struggled hard with the assailant until he was able to produce his handgun. "It was a long ordeal... my life was, without a doubt, in danger," Spiers recalls. Spiers shot the suspect three times. The suspect fled and was arrested at the hospital. Pizza Hut summarily fired Spiers, a 10-year employee, citing a corporate policy forbidding employees from carrying firearms. To voice your displeasure, call Pizza Hut Corporate Offices at 800-948-8488 or visit|1=2024
    Source: The Armed Citizen, July 2008 Issue, The American Hunter Magazine, NRA Offical Journal of the National Rifle Association
    and (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, 04/03/2008)

    I do not buy the argument that pizza hut had a right to fire there employee. He was in HIS OWN CAR. He was not in a company car. He has an absolute right to have his gun in HIS OWN CAR. If it was a company car it would be a different story. Getting fired from pizza hut is no big deal. Pizza delivery jobs are a dime a dozen in South Fl.Iam shure he was delivering pizza the next day with another pizza place. They cut off there noses to spite there faces when they do that. Buy the way pizzza hut pizza is of poor quality in comparison to most mom and pop Pizza parlors.

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    In my view, the second amendment does not stop when you take a job with somebody who infringes upon the second amendment but has yet to be brought to court over it...

    It only takes one or two individuals like Shelly Parker and or **** Heller to bring the issue to a head, and give them liberals the beat down they deserve...

    Further, I feel everybody has the absolute, inalienable, fundamental right to defend themselves anywhere, anyplace by any means necessary using equal or greater force then may be brought against them...

    you don't bring a knife or a stick to a gun fight and you can't expect to hold off a gang of well armed criminals with a semi-auto, such as the case with Katrina victims...

    And the founding fathers were adamant that the best deterrent from tyranny of our OWN government was that each and every citizen be well armed and well trained...

    Can't defend yourself from your own government if you are not armed at least as well as they are...

    The founding fathers intended that we never become subjects again...
    Without the second amendment, that is not possible...

    The Unabridged Second Amendment

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