Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity In The Senate
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Thread: Nationwide Concealed Carry Reciprocity In The Senate

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    Concealed Carry Reciprocity In The Senate

    Write your senator(s) about it now...

    Vitter To Introduce Concealed Carry Reciprocity
    Gun Owners of America
    8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
    Springfield, VA 22151
    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is planning to introduce a concealed carry reciprocity bill next week.

    Senator Vitter had been working closely with Gun Owners of America to draft and file a reciprocity amendment a few weeks ago, but that amendment, unfortunately, never saw the light of day -- thanks to powerful opponents inside the Senate.

    However, Sen. Vitter has continued undaunted and last week sent a Dear Colleague letter to his fellow senators, asking them to cosponsor his forthcoming bill, the "Respecting States Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act."

    The Vitter bill treats concealed carry permits much the same as drivers' licenses, where one state's license is recognized in all other states.

    In addressing the matter of reciprocity, the first concern of GOA and Sen. Vitter is that it be done constitutionally and that it respects states' rights.

    Unlike another senate reciprocity measure, S. 388, Vitter’s bill does not establish "national standards" for concealed carry. It simply says that states that allow concealed carry must recognize the CCW permits of other states.

    Vitter's bill also respects the rights of states that allow concealed carry without a permit. Citizens of Vermont and non-license holders in Alaska are allowed to carry concealed without a permit. Under the Vitter bill, these states would be recognized in the same manner as states that do issue permits.

    States that do not allow concealed carry at all are not forced, under the Vitter bill, to recognize out-of-state permits. There are currently two such states, Illinois and Wisconsin. While it is deplorable that these states refuse to trust their citizens with firearms, this is an issue that has to be dealt with at the state level.

    Citizens should not be forced to sacrifice their right to self-defense at the state line. The Vitter bill will allow more Americans to defend themselves away from their home state.

    Action: Please urge your two Senators to become original cosponsors of the Vitter "Respecting States Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act."... by following the link to Gun Owners Of America below...

    GOA Alert-- June 18, 2008
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    Exclamation I'll give it a try.

    Hi Bohemian,
    I am glad you are tracking and posting 2nd Amendment HR's, bills and upcoming votes to the very group it affects the most. Hope it came thru Cap-Wiz ©, the e-mailers that let us know what is going down long B 4 it even goes onto the floors or the Senate or Congress on so many issues, and those pre-formatted replies take the work out of long rants.
    I am all for one nation, 1 gun law, then make CCW a (controlled) federal not state standard, unless DC is your home, the day they allow open or CCW in that den of paranoid sheeple will be the day ObL gets an invite to lecture us on human rights at the U.N! But to arm a Marion ex-felon with a weapons/robbery rap sheet a mile long is not wise now he walks free, so some vetting would have to happen 1st. Do the millions of drunks who fill our bars every night/weekend or sit home sucking up cases of beer and maybe popping pills have the clarity of mind to fire as a very last resort or because some one spilled their beer, cut 'em off in traffic or their neighbor's cat crapped on their lawn AGAIN?
    Going to tell a quick true story. I was stationed in AZ, and lots of little old folks were getting their pensions jacked and beat the f-up too by young local hoods. So a law was passed making CC carry a lot easier to get and the gun stores emptied within a week of pistols. The effects were the most radical drop in violent crimes I ever saw. Young gangs of prowling gang-bangers would see an old lady coming and walk away, the few that tied to grab her cash found themselves shot dead, word spread fast and some of the roughest parts of that state like Nogales became very safe hoods. Not sure if that's still the law, but if every BG figured that their next prey were potentially as dangerous to them as they were to their next victim, then that might be progress. I can just hear the screams of the anti-gun anything crusaders blocking that into one big legal quagmire. But let's say in the near future terror revisits us not with a 9/11 event, but with ongoing and regular country-wide acts of anti-American fanatical religious motivtated fervor, the desire to inflict Jihadist horror with no desire for personal profit, bombings, shootings and a situation the cops could no longer control fueled not by petty crime but by say a mere 100K a-Q sleepers who suddenly got their orders from NYC to San Francisco & acted on those orders. Far fetched? Not really, count our 5 million Muslim (and growing) population many with kin back in U-name-it-Stan and figure out how many really support GWB and his wars, and how many would go Jihad on us with terror tricks that work off cheap cell-phones and garden fertilizer! **** 50% of the WASPs do not like Iraq but just grumble about it R not folks I worry about! The NG ain't trained or enough of them left (state-side) to stick even a squad in every town, then like many other war-torn nations who take death as a daily/weekly status-quo then just maybe someone would see the sense in arming most law abiing members of the public who have cleared an NIC check to counter that threat, and then train them for maybe a week or 2 with pay, then issue them an M9 or M16 as a public service not a requirement to go pay their cash in a gun store. Now it takes shape.
    I'll follow the link, sign it but this side of a new president who if it turns into an Obama-nation then we can all kiss the 2nd goodbye and only cops or criminals will have shooters, me and you will be criminals too if we don't turn our guns in to some federal building when that law passes about a year after Obamnization. If you have counter points please try to make them worth a read or send the flames to me by private e-mail, thanks.
    Good luck from me 2 U...


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    Concealed Carry Reciprocity In The Senate

    Thanks Gray Wolf (AKA: Canis-Lupus)...

    Yes Arizona still has a CCW provision, I have family there, I live in Vegas and am a card-carrying CCW holder... USMC Vet...

    Although, I miss-titled my thread "Nationwide" Concealed Carry Reciprocity In The Senate... when in fact it only affects those states that already allow CCW...

    All attempts at a Nationwide CCW Reciprocity have failed to date, but those like the Gun Owners of America are relentless in getting some version of Reciprocity in...

    This particular information came from signing up for Action Alerts at Gun Owners of America

    Whom are to the right of the NRA...

    One of the many things I like about the idea of CCW Reciprocity is that I do not have to continue to pay for CCW's in multiple states, to cover when I travel...

    What I would really like to see is a Nationwide Federal Reciprocity Act, which repeals any and all gun bans, registrations, etc., regardless of type, your zip code etc and stop trying to re-interpret the second amendment...
    What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" do these antis like Barack Hussein Obama, Billary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, et. al., not understand?

    Some people might say that this goes against the constitution, in not letting the states make their own laws, I would say that the states should not be allowed to infringe on a inherent, god-given, inalienable, fundamental right of every U.S. born citizen, to defend themselves by any means necessary, any time, any place, any where, utilizing equal or greater force then may be potentially brought against them...

    A good recent example of practical need for the civilian ownership of class III weapons would be Katrina...
    armed gangs of criminals were robbing in mass, and the police were quitting, and while a shotgun, semi-automatic rifle and or pistol might be a deterrent, what would you rather have when 20 armed criminals break into your house?

    I have written my Senators, asking for their support, of the CCW Reciprocity bill aforesaid and everybody in Nevada should know that I received a positive response within 11 hours from Nevada U.S. Senator John Ensign.

    I would also like to encourage everybody to research and post any anti-second amendment actions of their applicable sitting senators, representatives, governors, mayors and any of their other state, federal, local and other municipalities officials...

    Everybody should know who the antis are in their area, and do their part to make sure they do not get reelected, there is not just a presidential election in November there is a number of key congressional seats up for grabs; and we need to be mindful that all branches of our government do not end up with a uber liberal, left-wing democrat majority...

    For Nevada; U.S. Senator John Ensign = Good Guy, Mayor Oscar Goodman = Bad Guy, U.S. Senator Harry Reid = Bad Guy, State Senator Bob Beers = Good Guy, Governor Jim Gibbons = Good Guy, State Senator Warren Hardy = Good Guy...
    Their may be others, but these are the ones that I personally can vouch for...

    The Unabridged Second Amendment

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    It would be interesting to see what CA would do. Have to allow any out of state person with a CCW to carry…. But still not issue to residents with the exception of “special” people.

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    Exclamation I see your point now, but still see problems.

    Hi Bohemian,
    Now I see the general intent of reciprocity per state extended to all other states, which leads to the question, which states have very easy-going open carry laws vs. DC which has no carry laws, closely followed by CA where it is easier to own or use a car that warns would-be perps that they are about to get too close to a protected car, and if they continue that car charges up a hefty knock-down stun shock then zaps the curious admirer and the pro-car-jacker with equal effectivenesses. Great if you can't hear well, understand English or are NOT a young kid who wanders over to a 'fancy taking car' and gets killed by a 700K volt discharge, or U R a cardiac 70 y/o survivor & it fries your pacemaker. Middle ground with one set of rules for all who have a CCW permits would make life so much easier, get less permit owners into trouble if they drove from 1 state to another and make the LEO training 1 set of rules to abide by, not hundreds to cross-check. One nation under God but 50 states all with their own spin on how to enforce gun laws to serve the public whether the public have lived there all their lives or are just driving thru.
    Step 1: Clean house. Take the most anal anti-gun or shoot on sight with no warning gun laws U may find still legal in some states and flush 'em, then take a look at states where open carry is legal, whether it causes 'public concern' or is just a way of life, then find a combo of the best CCW laws and practices that work not to alarm Joe-Publics/sheeple, satisfy our needs for armed self defense in a no-nonsense manner, easy for a non-lawyer to understand and use those as a template for drafting a nation-wide gun ownership & CCW USC code or Amendment to the Constitution effecting all states, to legally own, carry in areas where one state says is cool but another ='s jail is one big ******* mess of many.
    Flush antiquated State gun or CCW laws and replace them with the very best parts of CCW friendly all states laws that allow an honest/legal NIC checked adult to own and carry (concealed) for their protection and that of others, specifying exactly how far that others in need merits U dropping an ugly domestic perp U had no need to get involved with. A LEO's job! As the ONLY gun/CCW law to fit all 50 states it becomes federal, not state, or county, or city legal volumes of attorney talk! Those few sates that will not allow that right then in the next year fiscal budget do not provide them with any federal funds to upgrade any of the billions they expect to get, when levees break or bridges wash away, or pot-holes make driving a tire-busting trip you may be very surprised how many ultra-anti-2nd die-hards would have a change of heart, or they could secede (if guns are that important an issue to their daily lives, which I doubt) if the majoriity of that state by vote says 'Let them have their guns' or they want to run a police state and block all trade in and out of that maverick new nation inside the USA and see how long they survive on their own! Radical ways of making a state comply to fair CCW laws but not the 1st time a state has been threatened with cessation of vital Federal funds to bully them into national compliance over many non-gun related issues. Fact is maybe only 5 states have the funds and economies to go it alone and survive seceded withdrawal from the union, and they would get depleted real fast keeping law, order and their economies alive. Sure the open carry states will piss & moan that their hand-cannons now have to be hidden from public view to maybe meet a new national law. But is that such a must have right you MUST have or just a minor compromise? If showing off your shooter in public is that important for you, then PLEASE go with your convictions and vote NO! But on the flip side, just imagine giving that right to legally carry a smaller concealed pistol to any Californian (to name but one state where CCW is tough to get or keep) and millions who would thank our government and those who made it law happen. I'm trying to look at a uniform one law that fits all states, is a sensible and enforcible change in legally arming all Americans and giving those who meet the NIC standards the right our founding fathers had, to bear arms not in plain sight as they engaged regiments of Red-Coats, but a much more discreet way to arm the folks who if they had the ability to protect themselves by pulling a pistol from a hidden holster could send a message to armed criminals everywhere: Is that citizen walking down the road worth their own life for what's in that wallet if their intended hit produces a gun and stops the BG dead in his/her tracks. I used AZ as an example of a real rough area where guns put into the right hands dropped the violent crime rate from way-heavy to infrequent in a month. There will always be exceptions, but IMHO the more BG's we keep guessing that is it worth their life to jack a store, an innocent or burglarize some home/business then breeze thru 5 years of probation would be more like services at 10am in a local grave-yard. A potent message. Give America a year to work out what is legal and stupid with these all nation CCW laws and just one set of rules/laws and requirements to follow (I could fit that into a 50-page pocket handbook @ $5 a copy) and even those (maybe) 100K al-Q sleeper cells may think twice about taking their Jihadist plans out on a well armed nation of millions of private citizens who they never knew were armed or targets where ever they surface, where maybe 1/3rd in any crowd are packing weapons that could kill them, or hold them until a LEO shows, they would never know it until they get stopped (or killed) planting an IED outside a kindergarten or subway station by a nation full of vigil armed US-wide CC-permit legally armed citizens all guided by one set of CCW laws, not many version of one single intent on one amendment to that initial template (The Constitution) for a brand new American dream in 1776, a document that (IMHO) needs an update to meet the needs of 21st century global terrorism threat that is not going away by taking our guns away to leave us as sheep for well-armed wolves! News Osama-bin-****-wad may not like to hear in a nation where everyone he knows owns and proudly displays their full-auto weapons, RPG's and 'martyr' belts. Food for thought. I think our cops would like to know that many folks in a bad situation had their interests/safety in mind and were willing to help out maintain the law when/if the cops start losing control of it, ala Katrina not so long ago! Thinking out-side the box of of how our sworn enemies expect us to behave, but in fact arming millions of Americans to thwart any al-Q future plans to turn your home town into a replica of say Basra or Mosul or Kabul could be prevented. 4-get all this seems 2 make some sense long post if we get Obamanized, just like being lobotomized, leaves U with no thinking brain left and very compliant to the will of the Koran all polished up to sound very Yankee-Doodle patriotic, with our troops home ASAP, disabled Vets properly rated and cared for, educated kids in good schools, and good paying jobs for all who may then figure-out that U gotta pray to Mecca but pay your taxes to DC to get those 'new deals' ala Obama-nationalism. I leave this thread & those inflamatory words to those who have their own input. Hope it gets pros + cons feedback.
    Salaam, Shalom, Cheers, CYA and laters....

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    Interstate reciprosity makes so much sense that it will probably never be legal.
    Legalize Freedom!

    building an AR on my blog

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    "What part of shall not be infringed" do these politicians not understand?

    here we are trying to get a nationwide ccw law passed when it is already covered by the second amendment...

    Vermont and Alaska have it right, carry anything, anywhere, anytime, open carry, concealed carry, no permits, registrations etc...

    baby steps I guess, ccw almost nationwide reciprocity now, abolish the irs and the batfe and 22,000 + and counting superfluous gun laws next...

    I have enjoyed the feedback so far from Canis-Lupus and others...

    Americans For Fair Taxation:
    NRA-ILA ::
    Gun Owners of America
    The Unabridged Second Amendment

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    Unfortunately I won't be getting my 2 senators to vote for this bill because they are Hillary and Chuck.
    The stupid thing is if you read my little quote at the bottom of my posts, this IS New Yorks Civil Rights law that's on the books. I guess it doesn't mean anything to these 2 or McCarthy, let alone the rest of the libs of the NY legislature.
    New York State Consolidated Laws, Civil Rights, Article 2-Bill of Rights, Section 4

    S 4. Right to keep and bear arms. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruger Lady View Post
    Unfortunately I won't be getting my 2 senators to vote for this bill because they are Hillary and Chuck.
    The stupid thing is if you read my little quote at the bottom of my posts, this IS New Yorks Civil Rights law that's on the books. I guess it doesn't mean anything to these 2 or McCarthy, let alone the rest of the libs of the NY legislature.
    It may not make any difference, but if you have not done so already, you could still go to:
    NRA-ILA :: Action Center
    and let Chuck and Billary know that they still have constituents that believe in the Second Amendment and that you would appreciate that they start supporting it, instead of trampling it, or something to that effect. Every letter written to a U.S. Senator, Representative, the President etc., becomes public record. They also generally reply, regardless of whether its the way you would like, and that response will give you some hard core ammo and blogging material for future reference...
    The Unabridged Second Amendment

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    I have written to them and my local reps also but the only response I've ever gotten was from my District Senator Winner. Who states he's against more gun regulations.
    New York State Consolidated Laws, Civil Rights, Article 2-Bill of Rights, Section 4

    S 4. Right to keep and bear arms. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.

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