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Thread: Say No to HR 1022, "Assault Weapons Ban"

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    Has everybody signed this yet?

    Has every wrote their representatives in Washington about this yet?

    Say No to HR 1022, "Assault Weapons Ban"
    We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition: No to HR 1022, "Assault Weapons Ban"

    get on it...

    Semper fidelis

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    This bill was introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D-NY] on Feb 13, 2007. Luckily so far that is all that has happened to this bill. No other action has been taken, however, it could take off at any time especially after the elections.
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    I definately added my signature!

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    I thought I had signed it before, but I guess not. Now I have thanks very much for the link

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    I'm 40,301! Gladly signed as a proud "assault weapon" owner

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    Consider it done.
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    Smile Petition

    I signed the petition. Thanks for the link. I considered it a pleasure to sign.:)

  9. I signed this petition a while ago.
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    If you have not already signed this petition, then please do so and let us know you have done so! Moreover, any other actions you have taken on this or the effort to repeal the Unconstitutional May 19th, 1986 Class III ban.

    Tell a fellow gun owner today; grassroots efforts work.


    Write your representatives in Washington:

    Write the media:

    Write Gun Owners Of America:

    Write Second Amendment Foundation:

    Write the NRA:

    Mike Huckabee on the issues and policies:

    Hucks Army (Faith, Family, Freedom, Grassroots efforts for Huckabee):

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    Angry Hr 1022

    The deed is done - the signature is there, but I feel there is going to be a need for some really strong politicing to knock this thing down.

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