Bob Costas on Piers Morgan Tonight both spread more naive lies about gun ownership
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Thread: Bob Costas on Piers Morgan Tonight both spread more naive lies about gun ownership

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    Bob Costas on Piers Morgan Tonight both spread more naive lies about gun ownership

    I just watched Bob Costas yet again speak out against the rights of legal US citizens 2nd Amendment rights. This time on British talk show host Piers Morgan tonight. Both obviously take stances against gun ownership and the right to CCW in America. They even outlandishly give uneducated opinions on the Colorado shooting. Their goal: "Heightened gun restrictions."

    It is time we fight back against these anit-rights liars. It is time before they bury our rights with our ForeFathers wishes and the Bill Of Rights.

    Bob Costas on his "Piers Morgan Tonight" appearance: "I think it pretty much fills the whole spectrum out, and I'm done now" ? Piers Morgan - Blogs

    His follow up guest socialist Gary Vaynerchuk, without a fact laid supports their opinions. Morgan goes as far as to have three more speakers and only one is pro 2nd Amendment.

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    I haven’t seen it yet but I taped it, looking forward to hear these two ***** holes talk about our terrible gun laws in the USA.

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    I found this short video of part of the interview where Costas goes on about how "easy" it is to get a gun and George Zimmerman.

    Video - Breaking News Videos from

    If you can post a link to the entire interview please do. These people are just lying on national television. It is pure speculation and opinion, not facts and experience.

    Here is another short section of the interview on YouTube - I'm sure this link will be taken down as it violates their policies. "It's infinitely more likely that something bad will happen, if your armed, than something good will happen." Like what? Is is bad I may save my family from a rapist, a murderer, a kidnapping? Is it bad that I may save my own life or that of another? What a piece of lying political crap Costas is.

  5. Whether they are lying or not is not the issue. The fact that they have a national audience, yet don't offer a balanced, thoughtful discussion is what bothers me. While in many cases they are preaching to the choir, a large number of Americans who may be sitting on the fence when it comes to gun rights may be swayed by the baseless, one-sided, antigun propaganda.

    As far as Piers goes, that fraud can go back to his "safe", gun restricted England any time now.

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    Y'know, it doesn't take a lot of logic or thought to figure out these situations. Personal defense, firearms ownership, human nature & violence, the true purpose of the 2A... whatever you want to list. Yet, people still believe... or say they believe that if you 'take' guns away people will stop being murdered. Nevermind the fact that a human can be killed with anything... pencil, car, baseball bat, knife, plastic bag, poison and so on. People need an enemy, people need a cause and a direction in life to make them feel as though they're serving the human species. For many, they have to pick the easy one... like guns. Guns are easy to pick on, thanks in large part to the Socialist media in this country and our laughable education system.

    It doesn't matter how many angles you attack this argument from, anti-gunners will never concede to logic. Whether it be simple human nature, which is of cousre... we kill each other, or why our 2A was written for the purpose of defeating the gov't in the event they go the way of King George. For them, humans do not have violence in their genetic code... only when one picks up a firearm do we become violent. Even though, for 'ole Costas... he works in one of the most violent industries around, the NFL. Yes, football is violent... that's why humans like it. Anyway, the other point is that for anti-gunners the gov't is it's 'Lord and Savior', the great equalizer and the loving master. Gov't will never make the wrong decisions, and will always put the people first... BS right? Yeah, it is but they can't accept that. It's much like the far left and their Socialists agenda... no amount of reason and logic will pull them away from it.

    Bob Costas and Piers Morgan are bafoons of the first order, and to qoute a line 'ole Doc said in Wyatt Earp... "I disapprove of his very existence". Piers chooses to ignore reason, like how people are still murdered in the UK... it's just done with knives and such. He's not against murder, he's not... he's agaisnt firearms, period! Piers Morgan has an audience he deserves, idiots. If some of you enjoy his show for its 'educational content', I do mean to offend you. I don't pay attention to pro sports anymore, I found more entertaining things to do with my time... anyway, if you don't like Bob(not me) stop watching him. Turn off every game that he's commenting on, write letters to the NFL(or whatever) and express your disgust for the man. Stop buying merchandise he may endorse. Whatever floats your boat...

    There is no arguing with idiots and you can't fix stupid.

    Merry Xmas!
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    All in all, this Portland, OG shooting isn't going to help, it will have Senator Fienstine get here panties in a bigger knot than they are in now.

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