CCW on Lake Erie
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Thread: CCW on Lake Erie

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    CCW on Lake Erie

    I just came back from a charter trip on Lake Erie and was informed by our charter Capt. that per the Coast Guard, it is against the law to have or carry a firearm on Lake Erie EVEN IF YOU ARE A LEO.
    Our Capt. said that an off duty OHP was sited this year on the lake from the CG.

    I don't understand how the whole lake is is a CPZ.

    Maybe this is the Capt. way of leeping firearms of his boat.


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    I dare say the last statement is closer to the truth. I have been stopped for inspection by the CG while on Lk Michigan, and although I disagree with the tactics used in verifying the legality of my carrying my handgun, there was no issue with the posession of it after the fact.
    If you check the laws, other than in restricted zones on the lakes, (ie nuclear reactors), if you are legally able to conceal, you may do so.
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    This does seem rather fishy (pardon the pun). Maybe instead of avoiding that lake, you should avoid this man whenever you can.

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