When has banning ANYTHING worked?
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Thread: When has banning ANYTHING worked?

  1. When has banning ANYTHING worked?

    As we pray for the families involved in the school shooting today, we need to also remember that a crazed person did this crime.
    We will have people calling to ban guns. You need to ask ourselves when banning anything has worked. It never has.

    Take a moment a think about the last several mass shootings. They have all been a places that did not allow citizens with conceal carry permits to enter the property with their concealed weapon.

    Now letís think about fishingÖ..where would you fish?

    Let's say you are a fisherman, and you're going fishing today. Where would you go...someplace you have a chance of catching fish? Would you choose a lake or a parking lot to fish in?

    Now let's say you are a crazed person that wants to shoot/kill a bunch of innocent people with little to risk of being stopped, where would you go? A mall that does not allow hand guns? a movie theatre? school?
    If you look back at most if not all the recent shootings, they have all taken place where the gunman illegally took a gun(s) into the banned area. Why, the chances of someone shooting him before the police arrive are very slim. Why did the CO killer, choose the theatre he chose? He did not pick the one closet to his apartment, or the largest or even the busiest. Out of 7 theatres within 20 minutes of his apartment, he chose the one that did not allow guns.

    If signs kept us safe from illegal activities, then our schools would be drug free, after all most our schools have signs that say "drug free zone". We could end crime in our cities by simply placing signs at the entry points into the city declaring them a "crime free zone".

    Now letís look at the role of a police office. Their role is to solve crimes, not prevent them. To prove the point, letís look at the San Antonio Rodeo. It has a large amount of presence of police officers, but they are not there as on duty police officers. They are there as off duty police officers, being paid by the Rodeo as private security. There are not enough on duty police officers in any town to prevent crime. Protecting ourselves from crime is something that falls on us.

    Itís time for places that voluntarily ban legal conceal carry weapons on their premises, rethink that position. Will allowing a conceal carry weapons stop a crime? No. Limit the loss of lives? Maybe. Be a deterrent in being chosen as the place to commit a crime? Based on history, most likely.
    Now I donít think that everyone that has a CHL will stop or prevent a crime. I do however believe the crazies think they will, so they pick a place this not friendly to conceal carry holders.

    Itís also time for our government to lift the ban on prohibited places with the exception of the obvious places such as jails, court rooms and secured areas of an airport.

    Now about employers, they may allow the general public with conceal carry to enter your business, but do they allow properly licensed conceal carry employees to carry? Why not? What are they doing to make sure a crazy does not enter your place of business or office?

    I for one as a parent would feel safer while my student is at school, if I knew there were few teachers, staff members and even parents on campus at any given time had a legal concealed hand gun with them.

    The cowards and crazies will continue to be among us, they will continue their senseless crimes. We just need to eliminate the places they feel safe committing their senseless crimes.

    Remember we have never successfully banned anything. Why do we think we can ban guns?

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    A ban on some objects or behavior never has worked. Socialism and communism have never worked but progressives never give up on any idea. They always believe that as the new smarter generation of progressives that they know the answer. They believe in the goodness and perfectibility of humans and reject the existence of evil. Criminals are only criminals because of environment or of outside influences. They never blame the criminal for his behavior. If a gun had not been present the criminal wouldn't have murdered. All criminal behavior could be eliminated if the intelligent people had more control and were able to make more rules. Progressives are great believers in laws to control all human behavior. Government is their God and individual liberty is an enemy of the God and of the progressives.

    I don't care about the motives of a murderer. I don't care about his childhood, poverty, money problems or any other problems. I don't care about a motive. A man needs to be held responsible for his actions and suffer the consequences.

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    Good post artseago, But as we all know, every antigun will come out of the wood work now, especially since it being the second gun related shooting against innocent bystanders within a week. All we can do is understand where they are coming from and try to enlighten them who want to take our 2A away from us that if semi auto guns are restricted from purchase, then only the criminals will have them.

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    You can explain facts and figures to progressive liberals until you are blue in the face. Doesn't matter. They are all about their good intentions and showing how much they care. Solutions to any problem they take on, are not important.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    Those who think that either less guns or more guns are the answer have little to offer.

    We need a national effort on the scale of sending a man to the moon to find solutions. Those clamoring for more or less guns should be excluded from that national discussion so the rest of us can focus on the problem and its solutions.

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    All thoughts and prayers should be with the families of those children now.
    However , if anyone is to blame lets look at the shooters mother who was killed first. She had a son that had mental problems in the house and he had access to her firearms. I HAVE NOT HEARD ANYONE BRING THAT POINT UP YET? I have loads of firearms , however I also have two safes and they are all in the safes except for the one I carry and at night it is next to my bed.

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    When has banning ANYTHING worked?-61.jpg

    I had posted this before and was ridiculed for it but I still feel that, like teachers in Israel the teachers in America should be able to be armed if they request it and as far as schools being gun free zones, it only leaves them open to happenings like this. If a few teachers here had been armed maybe a few children and adults would be alive today.

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    Depends a lot on what the people who want to ban things want. If they want a lot of disarmed victims, I'd say banning guns works pretty well. If people want to be in control of their own lives and safety, then banning things will not "work" for them.

    Depends on the goal.
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