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    The problem is that the authors of a great law failed to do their homework and exempted the largest employer in FL. They were shocked to say the least.

    My problem is that no "loop hole" should have been found because no employee of ANY company should have his rights removed for ANY reason (period).
    This one will have to be tested in the courts, as all of the legislators who were involved in this Law made it clear that there was no intention to exempt a place like Disney.
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    Legislatures and their intentions are often at odds with the laws they pass. It appears that they screwed up and will just have to correct it next session, doesn't matter what they intended.

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    Although I generally favor private property owners' right to determine what can or cannot happen on their property, I am against any policy that tells people that they cannot keep guns in THEIR cars. If they don't want guns on their property, ok, or even in a company car, ok, but telling them they can't have guns in their own cars is disingenuous.

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