What History Teaches About Gun Confiscations
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Thread: What History Teaches About Gun Confiscations

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    What History Teaches About Gun Confiscations

    History is speaking to us but I am not so sure that many are listening. Gun control is not something that MAY happen, it IS happening right now before our very eyes and our totalitarian government is becoming more entrenched. For those that don't believe it is happening, sit back and wait for the knock on your door, "I'm here from the government, I want your gun(s)." There has been a lot of hype since the school shooting in which so many children died but, rather than seeing that this was the result of an emotionally disturbed young man (who had exhibited emotionally instability prior to the shooting), the leftist government is trying to blame guns. It goes without saying that the gun, itself, didn't commit the crime. The gun is a very inanimate object without thought. The boy's mother is partially at fault for the incident in that she had weapons which were unsecured but that is not an issue as we have been led to believe. It was the GUN! I have watched demonstrations in Washington on TV for gun control. The naivete' of those demonstrators is staggering. The majority don't have any idea of what gun control means, they are only upset about the kids dying. So am I! But our leftist government is going balls to the wall using this event as a catalyst to end the gun control problem, once and for all. The sad part is that we are sitting back and letting it happen.
    Where is the outcry from gun owners who have not killed anyone yet are lumped in with those that have? Supposedly, there are millions of us who own guns in the U.S. but, other than for the NRA and other organizations, what are we doing to help ourselves? Are we so complacent that we will sit back and observe rather than take an active part in preserving our rights? If there are "millions" of gun owners, why haven't they inundated their federal representatives with complaints? How many have written to their state legislators recommending action be taken by their state to preclude the federal govermnent from walking all over us. State's Rights, anyone? I guess I am just frustrated seeing how anti-gunners are organized and coming after us while we just observe. Wouldn't our forefathers be proud of us today? Before anyone takes exception to anything I have said, ask yourself what you have done to help prevent this. If you haven't done anything you can't complain!

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    Oldgrunt, I agree it doesn't appear the pro-gun crowd is putting up much of a fuss. Keep in mind not only are we fighting left wing gun grabbing special interests but also a main stream media that's helping them carry their banner. They aren't about to report that the pro-gun special interests are having any kind of a positive effect for the pro side. We may never know the real effect we are having but keep calling and writing. All we will get from the main stream media and the gun grabbing special interests is, "it's for the children". Who in their right mind could oppose that?
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    I've been sending letters to our reps. I've also included links to those reps on my facebook page, and have been posting non-stop about this. (I've even been unfriended because of my obvious obsession with it.) Today I will be sending personal e-mails to all of my friends on my addressbook, with links and encouraging them to write also. This is something we ALL need to be doing.

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    Hello gun owners! They are REALLY talking confiscation. They are talking about buying your weapons from you for anywhere between $50 and $500. I don't know about you but I am writing everyone I can keep our rights. Send $10 to any organization that help lobby our representatives. guns do not kill people do.When they give you $50 it will be too late.

  6. Well someone is more than welcome to attempt to take my guns from me but I can guarantee you won't be leaving with your own capabilities. I will not be trampled on because of some pathetic excuse of a humen and I WILL NOT keep my mouth shut!! I will never put my guns down or take them off it is part of my life will always be no matter the legality.

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    Just more proof that anti gun libs don't read the Constitution. Any tax put on already owned guns is an ex post facto law.
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