Biden not to speak to NRA
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Thread: Biden not to speak to NRA

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    Biden not to speak to NRA

    NRA's Keene: 'Bombastic' Biden Won't Deal with Us:

    The National Rifle Association believes it won’t get a fair shake as Vice President Joe Biden doggedly heads a federal effort to stem gun violence with tough new laws following the Newtown elementary school massacre.

    “This is somebody who’s bombastic and really does think that anybody who disagrees with him is not only wrong but crazy. That’s his style,” NRA president David Keene told The New York Times.

    Biden, who owns two shotguns himself, is currently drafting legislation for President Barack Obama that is expected to call for a strong ban on assault weapons.

    And lawmakers say if anybody can get the nation moving on a such a ban in the next few weeks, it’s Biden.

    “I really do believe there isn’t anybody in America who has a better chance of getting this done by Jan. 15 than he does,’’ former Sen. Ted Kaufman of Delaware, a Biden advisor, told the Times.

    “Not just because of his background in guns, but because he’s not politically intimidated by the NRA, to put it mildly.”

    Biden has roiled the NRA by not reaching out to the group, a snub the pro-gun organization says shows contempt for gun owners and their rights under the Second Amendment.

    Biden helped pass an assault-weapons ban in 1994, but the law had a 10-year expiration clause and contained a compromise that allowed certain types of assault-type firearms to continue to be sold.

    Read Latest Breaking News from NRA's Keene: 'Bombastic' Biden Won't Deal with Us
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    That is just what we need heading this thing up. Someone that does not want to hear anyone who does not agree with him.

    We are off to a good start.
    "Lets Be Careful Out There!"


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    I don't think even the libs trust him enough to go with him. He'll betray anyone, even his beloved Bloomy. Just look at his greasy smug smirk.

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    This whole outfit under Biden is a Who's who of gun ban extremists. We are supposed to trust them?

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