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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc and his Glock View Post
    Reguardless of what you think, you MUST follow the state law in reguards to open or concealed carry. If the state law states a retailor has the right to tell you no carry on his or her property then that's the way it is.. It is the law like it or not... If you break the law you make things harder for gun owners.. All of us must obey the law... as it is written not as we see it..
    This happened in the state of Utah. I'd suggest that you check the laws for the state of Utah, then post again. I'm not a lawyer, but from my understanding of Utah law, the OP was not in violation.

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    My wife says that there is no "written" policy. But if a store manager, or asst manager calls corporate, this is the policy they will tell the manager.

    While there are "ROGUE" managers, i.e. district and regional that includes the ones that wrote the offending email, these are few and far between. If you were to go over there head and write the corporate office, you would find out that the policy expressed in that email, is not in the policy with WalMart.

    To test the theory, my wife contacted Corporate yesterday (she's a WalMart Manager), and she stated she was concerned about an individual openly carrying a handgun in a holster. They informed her that there was nothing she could do, that open carry was "LEGAL" in the state of Virginia, and that WalMart's policy is to follow the laws of the state in which the store is located.

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    This actually is pretty surprising to me because I have seen many times on other forums how gun friendly Wal Mart generally is. Maybe what you're alluding to is simply an isolated incident at one store and not indicative of what goes on at Wal Marts nationwide. Not quite ready to boycott the company altogether just yet.

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    Anti-Gun - i don't know about that. I, along with others were OCing in a walmart just this past weekend. It may be a state/local thing.

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    W Mart

    I only go there because they are cheap on amo. I get 9 mm 100 count for 18.42 where it is about 10 bucks over that at Gander Mountain across the parking lot. They are slow, some of their people uninformed but on my last purchase ( 2 box 9mm and a 550 22 LR) I saved about $25 - like getting a box free (which I did). That being said, they while not gun unfriendly, they are gun embarrassed - ammo is hidden under the counter and the only guns they have a pellet.

    Oh well...... buy what you can when you can because you may not be able to tomorrow

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    As I posted above, and my wife stated, it's just some "ROGUE" manager, and they are not following their corporate policy. Kind of like liberal judges sitting on the bench "writing" law instead of following law.

  8. laws in Utah

    I checked the laws on this web page and found the following:

    Places off-limits when carrying:
    The concealed firearm permit only exempts the permit holder from three laws: carrying a concealed and loaded firearm in a vehicle; carrying a concealed firearm on your person and; carrying a loaded and concealed firearm on or about school property. All other state and federal laws still apply. Such as, you may not carry a firearm in secured areas of an airport and you may not carry a firearm in secure federal buildings. These areas should always be posted. But please be aware of these restrictions in case they are not posted.

    1. A person with a permit to carry a concealed firearm may not carry a concealed firearm in any secure area. A secure area may be established at an airport, higher education institution, or courthouse. A mental health facility or correctional facility may be designated by rule as an area in which no firearm or ammunition may be transported, sold, given, or possessed upon the facility. At least one notice shall be prominently displayed at each entrance to any secure area in which a firearm is restricted. Provisions shall be made to provide a secure firearms storage area so that persons with lawfully carried firearms may store them while they are in the secure area.
    2. A person licensed to carry a concealed firearm may not knowingly and intentionally transport a firearm into a house of worship or a private residence after notice has been given that firearms are prohibited.

    Alcohol and Drugs:
    There is nothing in state statute that prohibits permit holders from being in a bar with a concealed firearm. However, it is illegal to be intoxicated and in possession of a firearm. The level of intoxication that is considered illegal is the same standard as when driving a car. (.08 B.A.C.)

    Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
    Utah is a Castle Doctrine state and has a stand-your-ground law.

    Open Carry:

    Prohibited in most public areas (public streets, secure areas, etc.)

    It appears open carry is not allowed ..

    Maybe that is why he was asked to leave Wal-mart.....

  9. Utah Law

    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    This happened in the state of Utah. I'd suggest that you check the laws for the state of Utah, then post again. I'm not a lawyer, but from my understanding of Utah law, the OP was not in violation.

    Checked the law on this web page. It states the following for Utah:

    Open Carry:

    Prohibited in most public areas (public streets, secure areas, etc.)

    I don't know if this would include Wal-Mart or not but I would think you have to walk on a public street to get there and I believe he was open carring...

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    Open Carry - prohibited in Utah? Isn't that there the OC movement began?
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    Post Check the law

    Here is the info I've been able to find.
    Utah Code -- Title 76 -- Chapter 10 -- Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals

    Utah Laws Related To Firearms And Weapons

    76-10-505. Carrying loaded firearm in vehicle or on street.
    (1) Unless otherwise authorized by law, a person may not carry a loaded firearm: (a) in or on a vehicle;
    (b) on any public street; or
    (c) in a posted prohibited area. (2) A violation of this section is a class B misdemeanor.

    The term LOADED is where there is room for interpretation. The actual definition for loaded in utah law is:

    76-10-502. When weapon deemed loaded.
    (1) For the purpose of this chapter, any pistol, revolver, shotgun, rifle, or other weapon described in this part shall be deemed to be loaded when there is an unexpended cartridge, shell, or projectile in the firing position.
    (2) Pistols and revolvers shall also be deemed to be loaded when an unexpended cartridge, shell, or projectile is in a position whereby the manual operation of any mechanism once would cause the unexpended cartridge, shell, or projectile to be fired.
    (3) A muzzle loading firearm shall be deemed to be loaded when it is capped or primed and has a powder charge and ball or shot in the barrel or cylinders.

    If you check something please post a link to it instead of being short with people. Some of us like to investigate claims instead of jumping around. WE are all adults and know we must obey the law!! We don't need someone playing mom and dad.

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