Who Do You Like For POTUS in 2016 ?
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Thread: Who Do You Like For POTUS in 2016 ?

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    Who Do You Like For POTUS in 2016 ?

    Who Do You Like For POTUS in 2016 ?

    IF we are not fortunate enough to have Gun Ban Obama & Company Impeached and get a do-over on the last 4 years...

    Are we going to let Faux News shove Chris Christie ... a fatter gun banning RINO like Mitt Romney down our throat again like they did with good ole Slick Willard & two-face Juan McCain ?

    IMHO, at this time I think the only one that is remotely worthy of our Support is U.S. Senator & Dr. Rand Paul (R-KY)

    He seems to be the only one with a spine, willing to support The Constitutional Republic we were founded as and the Unabridged Second Amendment...

    "The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion." - Edmund Burke

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    Well, I don't want Hillary, little Andy Cuomo, Chris Christy, or most any of the current crop of possible contenders. Rand Paul might do the job well, he seems to have a spine. Time will tell.

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    Rand Paul would be my choice.
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    I open carry because the "element of surprise" is just a pipe dream.

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    I agree
    Rand Paul for President
    If it doesn't fit, FORCE it! If it breaks then it needed to be replaced anyway.

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    Rand Paul/Paul Ryan ticket.

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    I like Rand but its a long time until 2016.
    "I don't think that a society that encourages over a million abortions a year....a society that kills out of convenience, i.e., Jack Kevorkian, can not have consequences." --Rush Limbaugh

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    Rand would be my choice as well. I'm tired of all these liberal republicans being nominated, might as well have a democrat as these guys.

  9. Uncle Ted for President.
    Can you imagine the rest of the world?
    They'd know better than to push us then.


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    I'm thinking Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman - I bet Ted would agree.
    That boy ain't just right thinking, he looks like he could eat a cinder block.

    And Jeanine Pirro for VP cause she's right thinking and hot.

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    Eh if the feces don't hit the rotary air oscillator and the conspiracy theory of term limits doesn't actually turn out true, oh and aliens don't invade and few other minor issues don't happen and we DO indeed make it to 2016.. well I don't know..
    Depends more on whose running - but currently, no-one who currently holds a government office has my vote.. I don't care what they say right now.. Only what they actually DO over next few years. If they do nothing, then they are nothing.. If they say one thing and do another, they show themselves - in the end.. it wont matter until it comes time to cast the vote - by then their measure shall be weighed and only then shall it be tallied if they have enough backbone to stand up to the retardation of America.

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