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    Question comes to mind. Don't we actually have one of these? Blackwater? Be afraid. be very, very afraid.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis View Post
    Anyone think I'm just paranoid?
    There are two things I believe about paranoia...

    1. Just because you're Paranoid doesn't mean someone's not really out to get you!

    2. If you think everyone's out to get you, you're Paranoid.
    . . . . If you think NObody's out to get you...you're crazy!
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    Exclamation Blackwater is PMC pure.

    Taking Howard Cohodas sound advice, you are right, I don't need to lecture or postulate about stuff that spins me up but inflates the post into long-winded verbiage no-reader. Sorry. Point taken, but I can't say this in a 1-liner or 4 get it and move on with this unread. I moved onto a post by HK4U in the same thread, one word slapped me: 'Blackwater' with their key players the original 'dogs of war' who ran (now defunct) Executive Outcomes if you follow what PMC's can do very well with no laws to constrain them and cash not patriotism the only motivator for waging asymmetric warfare better than normal or special-ops military forces can do, and most times outwit the forces they are matched against by unorthodox thinking and audacious independent actions, often outnumbered 1,000 to 1.
    Blackwater is the PMC Mecca turning out some very well trained ops, but the question remains, will Obama use this or his clone of it set up outside of CONUS to produce the forces he needs that are not accountable to anyone but him? The laws of the president the only ones they are covered by the Teflon executive shield of lassie-fair, unleashed on U.S. soil against U.S. civilians, cops or even our own standing military units if they get in the way. The Blackwater of 2000 evolved post 9/11 into exportable packages of trainers & translators who can take a 3-rd world special ops unit's cadre or ex-members and transform them into a tool of police/military/terror and active participants in effecting 'change' very well, very fast and pay them more than they ever would have got slowly climbing through the (ROE) ranks of their native country's special-ops units. That is what made Executive Outcomes (in their day) so effective with so few men or equipment and it's been refined by Blackwater.
    I knew some U.S. Rangers, S.F. and a Delta, all super-troops all going thru signal and/or advanced linguistics training that make up most of what that U.S. Army post at the foot of Cochise stronghold still does to this day at my last duty post B 4 I retired. We struck up brief but good friendships as I was their medical support on Ft. Huachcua (home to the M.I and Signal Corps schools from basic-advanced training facilities) in my later days in BDU's, and some of these extra-ordinary troops went though Blackwater after their U.S. or foreign military time was done, quadrupling their pay day-1, tough as hell were the calls & (few) letters that trickled back to me, balls to the wall trained players who mostly took the most dangerous jobs and ended up protecting rich Mullas & Imams in the Middle East a few years later, some quit, reason: too dangerous for even the megabucks they got, for the lower-end less risky missions like convoy escorts for Haliburton @ $5K a week was not good pay even tax free. A few dropped off my radar, oh well, and I know of only one who still posts in alt.war.mercenary (USENET) with occasional SITREP's that hit that NG and a week later make global news, proof-positive that he had eyes on target when it went down long B 4 any news net got it as a story, he lives a fine line between staying another 6 months and retiring pretty well off back to his home nation with what he's earned since 2004 will get him a nice home and spending money for a long while to come, if he lives through the next ambush, IED or doublecross.
    Are these the PMC's that Obama plans on using? If so there will be some major conflicts of interest, the U.S. nationality members are STILL connected at least by friendship to old units/buddies in legit armed forces and these Blackwater ops will NOT gun 'em down no matter how many $0's are on the pay-check. I also doubt they would use mass extermination on U.S. citizens. Scary thought, Obama runs with that model, trains non-U.S./U.K ex-special-ops types with their mobile (inside the host nation) set-ups training say ex-Spetnatz Russian or Indonesia ex-Kopassus to name but a few better than average trained troops found on this site: Special Forces Units .
    Non-U.S. born men who are still young enough, trained to a level way above conscript and able to endure the hardships of becoming a military tool and then lets 'em lose on U.S. civil unrest situations, where they will have no problems clearing a college protest with napalm. That's just how it goes M8!!! This ain't a long post but it does open the PMC Pandoras Box for any thinking takers. Please don't reply if you can not see the logic of this post in the context of the thread it is posted to.


  5. For what it is worth when gun is put to wifes or childs head a man will move mountains. All people have soft spots and watching a child beheaded will change your mind. Even the Korean Marines.

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    Relax, everyone! He's just talking about expanding an existing institution.

    Check out the guy in the back. There is no Furher but Allah! Heil Allah!

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    if it wasn't apparent before,

    it should be now. this guy is super dangerous. you better think about what you are going to do, get some practical tactical practice and work under your belt and get into the best physical condition that you can and get good at unarmed combat as well. this guy is going to win. i am certain of it.too much like jimmy carter. came fom nowhere and now a presidential candidate? i will not stand for Gestapo tactics. prepare now. if you want peace, prepare for war. it is interesting to note that World Net Daily has reported that all references to this nave been removed out of the transcripts of his speech. Range Box weapons work{ stand and shoot** ain't gonna cut it. learn to shoot while moving and shoot with combat accuracy. you and your families are worth it.

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    Why can we no longer depend on the military for our security objectives? Can it be that we have gutted and underfunded our military, mostly by Democrats? The notion that we need a massive civilian s"security" police force is dangerous and subject to incredible abuse. My sense is that an armed population is more than sufficient. Obama is about as highly pro gun control as it is for a candidate to be. He is anti-firearm carry and voted repeatedly to ban "assault weapons" and never met a firearm law he did not like. In my view, he is wrong on gun control, he does not have the best economic plan, he has less experience than McCain, he is far less qualified to serve as Commander-in-Chief, more of a cut and run mentality and IF we had followed his plan to a scheduled time withdrawal, Iraq almost certainly would have collapsed into chaos. It is one thing to express disappointment in President Bush, and quite another to elect a radical socialist to lead a republic. I guess political opinions are sort of like butts, everyone has one. There is no way I would vote for an unpredictable, inexperienced candidate with little experience and even less judgment. Your own mileage may vary.

  9. Yes, thanks, CL.

    May I suggest some paragraphs, with spaces between them. It's WAY too hard to read as it is and only needs a quick fix.

  10. 1984 orwell world comes to mind. The UN will save us all is his belief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memphis View Post
    O.K., I'll just say this one more time; "That guy scares the S#*T out of me!"

    Anyone think I'm just paranoid?
    No I do not think you are paranoid, I fell the same about this guy.

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