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  1. Disney Wins Round 1

    The fired Disney employee who is being represented by Jon Gutmacher the author of what is considered the bible on Florida gun laws lost the first round of their court battle. A judge today refused to force Disney to hire the employee back.

    Gutmacher is taking the position that even if Disney wants to use the exemption based on having a permit for explosives related to their daily fireworks display, this area is a very small isolated section of the park, which is not accessible by visitors or most employees. Further, it is unrelated to the employee parking issue, and their right to protect themselves as provided by the law.

    The next court hearing will be in October.
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    I read a little while back that Disney used a loophole that allows workplaces where large quantities of explosives are stored to be exempt from the law. Can anyone explain to me why that provision was stuck in? Why are the lives of employees at sites such as these less worthy of protection than the lives of those at sites that don't have them?

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    as big as disney is.. I am sure they will keep finding ways to get around the law.
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