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Thread: The duplicity and dishonesty of politicians is boundless.

  1. I would not vote for Obma if he were white.Liberalism is socialism and if you can vote yourself a raise you will.

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    Ok,jwtollett21,um...wake up.Obama may not be Muslim.But he is supported by several extremists and criminals of varying religious backgrounds.I don't give a flying rat's ass if he is black,white,yellow,red,or a flying purple people eater.I disagree with his stand on the issues that are important to me.He IS anti RKBA.He IS pro abortion.He IS pro big govenrment.He IS pro higher taxes.He IS pro socialist programs.Allan Keys is black and I would feel good about voting for him.I am quite willing to help those who need my help.But I am not willing to help people who simply do not want to work.The demoncraps want welfare 'reform' because they know people will vote for them if they get a free ride.Also,I am NOT rich.I work for a living.Obama is rich.So what you say contradicts itself.You say that the gun issue is low on the priority list.You are wrong.The gun issue is way up there.Not because I am a gun nut.But because I have opened my eyes enough to see what the whole gun control thing is all about.When all guns are outlawed,then the country will become a police state and the government can do what they want to YOU.You think that can't happen?You think that is impossible here because we vote and elect our leaders?Study up on history.The Nazi party of Germany in the 1940's was elected to power.And,yes,the holocaust really did happen.Obama does not want us to keep guns.I know this because he has said so already.I know this because of what he said he thinks the second ammendment means.As far as his church that he just now stopped going to,yeah,people change,and preachers are people,and not perfect.I have been going to the same church for many years.If I went one Sunday and the priest started preaching hatred for any particular race and saying that America is wicked and should fall guess what.The next Sunday I would be going to another church.I wouldn't wait twenty years or untill I was running for public office.
    Now,as far Obama being a good speaker,no,he's not.He has good speach writers.When the press is asking him questions that he is not prepared for he flounders.When his teleprompter breaks he sounds like an idiot.No,I do not think Bush or McCain is a hero.But McCain is definately the lesser of two evils.So,if I have left anything out,please say so,and I will answer it.
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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