Can't Get Their Guns - Get Their Ammunition!
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Thread: Can't Get Their Guns - Get Their Ammunition!

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    Can't Get Their Guns - Get Their Ammunition!

    I haven't seen this posted yet but I just watched the news and it has been reported that the Dems want to make it all but impossible to get ammunition. If they can't outlaw the guns, they will restrict ammunition to the point that guns will be useless. Obama is headed back to CT to make his next ploy on the backs of the children that were killed in school. These people have no conscience and will resort to any tactic to accomplish their goals. The term "Democrat" no longer has the meaning it once did but is now nothing more than Liberalism/Socialism/Communism and the totalitarian state. Disarm the people, rampant infanticide and total allegiance to whoever will give you your freebies. People are too stupid to realize that they have sold their souls into modern slavery. I want to see how they take it when the SHTF and their fearless leader fails them!

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    I must agree. It is getting harder to find ammo and when you can price is going up everyday. I am buying all I can for now. I'll be at Bass PRO At 9:00am tomorrow
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    They don't have to do anything, actually. Any time ammo hits the shelf at Walmart there's a bum rush and everybody buys as much as they can whether they need it or not. That's enough to create a shortage right there.
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