Senators Against UN Arms Treaty
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Thread: Senators Against UN Arms Treaty

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    Senators Against UN Arms Treaty

    Senator Lee of Utah is the latest to get on board opposing the UN Arms Trade Treaty which will most likely infringe on our individual rights to bear arms. He is the 34th cosponsor of the bill which gives the opposition more than enough votes in the Senate to block ratification of the treaty. The bill was introduced by Jerry Moran of Kansas. He is the reason I don't usually have to spend time writing to my congress critters about gun issues. He gets it and so do my others.

    Full story.
    Lee Opposes UN Arms Trade Treaty - Press Releases - Press Office - Mike Lee, United States Senator for Utah

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    Thumbs up Positive support is always good news.

    Peggy always a pleasue to hear good news, Senator Rob Portman has issued a statement against any infringement of 2A and ATT. It is nice to have legislators from your home state who really understand what it is all about.

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