I need help with this letter I want to send to my congressman and senator...
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Thread: I need help with this letter I want to send to my congressman and senator...

  1. I need help with this letter I want to send to my congressman and senator...

    To the Honorable _______ ;

    I am writing in a desperate attempt to influence you to stand *AGAINST* any gun control bill that includes any kind of universal background check.

    These are very dark days in the Republic where well-meaning people are reacting to the actions of a few, evil people by attempting to abridge the rights of all the people.

    It is impossible not to look at any gun control measure in any form as the beginning of the slippery slope to tyranny. The intent of the founding fathers is often in question when considering the 2nd Amendment. James Madison in Federalist #46 gave the purpose and condition under which the 2nd Amendment was written. As the author of both, he expressly states it is for the security of the citizenry against the potential of the government becoming tyrannical and ruling by decree. In the case of "US v Cruikshank" (1875) is was affirmed that the 1st and 2nd amendments were a restrictions on the power of government.

    "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

    When the argument arises about the types of weapons covered under the 2nd Amendment, is was the intention of Madison that the militia comprised of the people would be equally self-equipped as the standing military. In "US v Miller" (1939) it was affirmed that the types of weapons protected by the 2nd Amendment included arms in common usage to the military of the day.

    Where there is no need for the common defense of a militia, the right of self-defense is inalienable from the people. In "DC v Heller" (2008) the court concluded that the right of self defense was protected by both the 2nd Amendment and the "Due Process" clause of the 14th Amendment.

    Countries with gun bans do not have a lower rate of crime. Although it is true that the rate of gun crimes is less in England in comparison the United States, the total proportion of violent crime is ten-fold greater in England and Australia as compared to the United States. Gun bans lead to a proven reduction in public safety.

    Citizens have the right of self defense. In "Warren v DC" (1981) is was concluded that the Police have no obligation to protect the citizenry; "DeShaney v Winnebago County" (1989), there exists no duty to intervene; "Castle Rock v Gonzales" (2005), there is no duty to enforce a restraining order. Taking away the right of lawful citizens to bear arms or the restriction of this right in any way leaves them defenseless.

    Registration leads to confiscation as in England and Australia. In "McDonald v Chicago" (2010) it was concluded that registrations represented an abridgement of the 2nd Amendment and a violation of the "Privileges and Immunities" clause of the 14th Amendment. Confiscation (which is a view that has been espoused by several your esteemed colleagues in the House and Senate) is a violation of the 4th Amendment which protects against illegal search and seizure, and the "Due Process" Clause of the 14th Amendment.

    Please vote against any form of gun control or registration.

    Once rights are taken away, they are never restored except by exceptional means. Please be a savior of the Republic and to the people who have entrusted you to represent them...


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    Sounds good to me but there are others on this forum who could tweak it much better than I could. You cite a number of rulings and that is good but when it comes to lib-o-rats that will not mean anything to them. Libs are ALL about emotion. The only other thing you could add to your letter is this.

    If the US Constitution is the living document that they say it is then how does the 1st Amendment cover cell phones, the Internet and other modern tech stuff but the 2nd Amendment ONLY covers muskets??????

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    One comment you may want to put into your letter concerning a Universal Background Check is how those who have a mental illness or other condition that should preclude gun possession will be reported to the government for the NCIS check. Who will do the reporting? I would assume that a doctor/psychiatrist would have to determine a questionable person's eligibility for gaining a concealed weapon permit. Medical information between the doctor and patient is protected by a privacy act. I would assume any doctor giving out medical information to any government agency would be guilty of violating doctor/patient confidentiality and thereby opening him/herself up to a lawsuit. Put that into your letter and let the politicians chew on that one for a while!

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