Kansas passes several new laws ...... all positive for gun owners.
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Thread: Kansas passes several new laws ...... all positive for gun owners.

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    Talking Kansas passes several new laws ...... all positive for gun owners.

    There are others not mentioned here, including SB102 -- Freedom of Arms & 2nd Amendment Act ..... that any gun or gun related item made in and kept within Kansas is not subject to any bans, restrictions, regulation, etc. by the Fedl Govt, and makes it "illegal" for any Fedl agency or employee to try to enforce them in Kansas related to these guns, etc.
    They have been busy, numerous other pluses have been passed:
    * Teachers may carry in schools if they have a CC license even IF the buildings are posted.
    * We can already carry at / in any school or campus that is not posted, but it takes this even further and requires them within 4 yrs to have security, metal detectors, etc. at doors or they cannot post.
    * Also, takes carrying past a CC Posted Sign, no longer a crime....... only that the person must leave if asked , or would be charged with trespassing.
    * SB 21 mentioned below, also removes a lot of the restrictions, etc. on knives and carrying knives.
    * One item is recognizing all CC license of other states.
    * Too many others to even list off. ..... if all signed , which we expect he will and has been very 2A supportive, they would go into effect July 1.
    This from the NRA : (& I would point out that the NRA was involved and helped in many of these)
    Kansas: Legislature Passes Many Pro-Gun Reforms This Year
    Last August and November, Kansas gun owners -- exhausted from making calls, knocking on doors and engaging in all manners of election activity -- celebrated as their grassroots efforts delivered strong pro-gun majorities in both chambers of the Kansas Legislature. No longer would efforts to restore, protect and advance Second Amendment freedoms be stymied in the state Senate. As the 2013 regular legislative session adjourns, the fruits of that labor, along with the work of those elected officials, have resulted in the passage of significant pro-gun legislation.
    On Friday, the Kansas Senate passed a conference committee report by a 32 to 7 vote that included the language from House Bill 2052. Just hours later, the state House concurred by a 104-16 vote and this legislation was sent to the Governor for his consideration.
    House Bill 2052, as originally drafted, exempted the lawful discharge of firearms—whether for hunting or self-defense—from criminal prosecution but was amended in conference committee to include the following pro-gun reforms:
    • Modifies the Personal and Family Protection Act to allow possession of firearms on certain government property, including state and municipal buildings.
    • Requires adequate security measures at public entrances of state and municipals buildings that are posted to ensure that if responsible gun owners are not allowed to carry firearms, they can be reasonably sure that criminals are disarmed.
    • Prevents state agencies and municipalities from prohibiting an employee who has obtained a Concealed Carry License (CCL) from carrying at the employee’s workplace unless the workplace has adequate security measures
    • Provides that it will not be a violation for a CCL holder to carry a concealed handgun through a restricted access entrance into a state municipal building with adequate security measures.
    • Enacts liability protections for public entities allowing concealed carry in state or municipal buildings.
    • Exempts the state Capitol from the provisions on and after July 1, 2014, and allows CCL holders to carry a concealed handgun in the state Capitol unless the Legislative Coordinating Council determines the Statehouse does not have adequate security measures.
    • Exempts law enforcement officers from the training requirements necessary to obtain a CCL.
    • Authorizes school districts, post-secondary educational institutions, public medical care facilities, public adult care homes, community mental health centers and indigent health care clinics to decide whether to allow staffers and visitors to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense if they meet the entity’s policy requirements.
    • Unless otherwise required by law, prohibits the release of records that would disclose the name, home address, zip code, e-mail address, phone number or cell number, or other contact information of any CCL holder. (This provision also would apply to CCL applicants.)
    • Provides a liability shield for private businesses and entities against actions taken by CCL holders if they allow concealed carry on their premises.
    • In addition to the provisions listed here there were many technical and substantive changes contained in this bill that improve the overall environment for gun owners and CCL holders in Kansas.
    The NRA-ILA would like to thank state legislators who sponsored and supported it, and NRA members who pushed for it.
    Therefore, please take a moment to contact Governor Sam Brownback and respectfully encourage him to sign House Bill 2052 into law.
    Toll-Free: 877-579-6757
    Local: 785-296-3232
    Click here to send an email
    Also on Friday, Senate Bill 21 was signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback. SB 21 is a right-to-carry reform bill that would make a number of important changes. The most substantial of these changes would allow for universal recognition of non-resident carry permits. In other words, any law-abiding visitor from out-of-state with a valid state-issued carry permit would be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in Kansas. This change would not only benefit concealed carry permit holders in other states but it will also make it more likely that other states will recognize Kansas’ carry permit.
    Under SB 21, new Kansas residents who hold a valid concealed carry permit from their previous state of residence would be able to instantly apply for a Kansas permit instead of waiting to acquire their official Kansas resident status. New residents would be granted a temporary “180-day receipt” to carry on their old permit while their application is considered and processed. The state Attorney General would also be able to create a list of states which meet or exceed Kansas’ requirements and that would automatically qualify for recognition for issuance of a Kansas permit.
    When you contact Governor Brownback and encourage him to sign HB 2052 into law, please thank him for signing SB 21 into law.
    NRA members in Kansas spoke loudly this session, and their state legislators answered the call. However, your action is still needed to advance a critical pro-gun reform, Senate Bill 45.
    Senate Bill 45 which preserves the rights of taxpayers to ensure that public funds are not used to lobby or otherwise advocate for gun control, has been agreed to be included in a conference committee report to be prepared during the veto session in early May. This is bill is part of a larger agreement between the state Senate and House leadership that will be considered during the veto session. We need to stop the practice of using your taxpayer dollars to fund gun control campaigns and lobby against you Second Amendment rights. Please contact your state legislators and ask them to help ensure that Senate Bill 45 is included in a conference report during the veto session this year. Click here for help identifying your legislators and their contact information.

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    Very, very pleased.

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    There are still quite a few gun friendly states and I live in one but not by accident. Before moving here I checked this state out as far as firearm freedom. Liked what I saw and here I am.

  5. If I didn't have a Church,Wife,Kids,job,life I will move there too but I can't.

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    To all of forum participants from Kansas, Congratulations.
    I live in OHIO and the current administration is very 2A friendly and has been up grading laws to benefit gun owners also. So I can understand and appreciate your feelings.
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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    Nice that you live in a "free state" and not one under the heels of liberal governments. Several states could learn from Kansas!

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