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Thread: NY Gun Confiscation Underway – Citizens Told to Turn in Pistol Owner ID & Firearms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanquished View Post
    What does this have to do with wealth?
    Quomo, Bloomberg, Soros, et al, are the elitists pushing gun control and all are ultra rich. Old news that most people have been aware of and they are the ones pushing their agenda on the little folks.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by William D Tipton View Post
    "Either they are acknowledging that there is in fact some sort of little reported link between the prescribing of psychotropic drugs and violent behavior, thus they are somehow, at least in their own minds “justified” in their actions to preempt someone from violence."

    A very interesting point.
    I wonder if we all should be making a huge deal of this to the drug companies and filing lawsuits for all of this violence their drugs have caused.
    Seems to me that if the drugs have some connection then the makers of those drugs should be held responsible to the families of the deceased.

    There is the logical opposing point: People who have problems are taking medication to help their symptoms. NOT a reason for loss of any rights. But many take medications because they already have issues; meds don't always cause issues.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Vanquished View Post
    What does this have to do with wealth?
    It's very related to the time when we were under British rule. The American colonies, even the time before settling in the now USA .
    How could a group of men, our forefathers ,write such a great constitution ?
    Because they lived it, the wealthy we're in control.
    There was a lot of everyday life experience that went into our constitution .
    Don't you ever wonder how our forefathers could have had such great foresight ?
    Well it wasn't foresight , it was present everyday conditions of the wealthy controlling the people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmithKoWitz View Post
    The wealthy AKA Bloomberg, Cuomo are the people and money behind the gun restriction campaigns in New York and pushing throughout the country through ads and the Mayors against Gun Violence.The wealthy are worried the less fortunate might come after them, so now they are coming after the weapons.
    The thing is, none of the gun grabber plans do away with all weapons. They only get the ones from people who follow the law.
    Only those who the politicians control will have guns. Them and the criminals. Which is just how politicians want it. People dependent on government for yet another thing.

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    One big fat oopps! Ny state police effed up big time

    THIS JUST IN! State Police leave a voice mail on County License Official's Voice mail.
    Ahhhh we screwed up. Give the guy his license back.

    The Dept of Criminal Justice and the State Police will be pointing fingers at each other on this one.

    They did not follow due process, they followed NY Safe Act. Which shows how bad this law that was passed behind closed doors at midnight is.

    If I was this guy I would be planning on moving to another state with the money I would get from the upcoming lawsuit against the State and a Civil Rights violation in Federal Court.


    I bet that even this cover story is a lie. Wrong person my arse!
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