Knife Control Legislation
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    Knife Control Legislation

    14 people were stabbed at a Texas college campus. Where is the knife control legislation? Where are the "universal background checks" for knives? Why not ban assault knives? How about knife free zones?

    14 injured in knife attack on Lone Star College campus, suspect arrested | Fox News

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    Since we cannot seem to effectively ban evil people from doing evil things to innocent people, we should just wake the fk up and ban all GFZ's imho.
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    Liberals are the same everywhere. Because it isn't a culture problem, is a gun........ wait they banned those...... it's a knife, throwing star, hammer, screw driver, slingshot, mace, sword, baton, mourning star, pistol cross bow, throwing knife, laser pointer problem.


    These weapons are prohibited weapons:
    (In Australia)
    Ballistic knives.
    Catapults, shanghais and slingshots that have a brace.
    Three different types of chemicals that are often called tear gas, mace and adamsite.
    Concealed weapons - that is, a thing that appears to be harmless, but which conceals a knife, spike or other weapon. For example, a walking stick that conceals a sword or an object that looks like a lipstick, but which in fact conceals a stiletto or blade.
    Extendable batons that are extended by gravity, centrifugal force or by release of a button or other device.
    Fighting knives (ie butterfly knives, daggers, flick knives, push knives, trench knives or other kinds of knives designed or adapted for hand to hand fighting (but not bayonets or swords).
    Hand or foot claws that are designed as a weapon.
    Knife belts that conceal or disguise a knife, dagger or similar weapon. An example is a belt of the type known as a Bowen Knife Belt.
    Knuckle dusters.
    Morning stars, that is, weapons that consist of a weight, attached to a chain, rope or other flexible material. In some cases the weight has a number of points, spikes or blades.
    Pistol cross bows.
    Star knives that are capable of causing serious injury.
    Throwing knives that are capable of causing serious injury.
    Undetectable knives, that is a knife that is capable of causing serious injury and is made of a material that is undetectable by a metal detector or X-ray machine.
    Laser pointers, hand held devices commonly known as L.P.'s designed or adapted to emit a laser beam greater than 1 mW.

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    There are thousands of knife-control laws on the books. Most states don't allow anyone but first responders and active duty military to mail-order auto-opening knives (switchblades). Many states have blade length restrictions for carry, maybe for ownership and sales too, not positive about that though. Many outlaw concealed carry of knives. Some don't allow the sale or ownership of dagger-styled knives if both edges are sharpened. My state only has one restriction on knives that I'm aware of; you can't carry a Bowie knife concealed. Otherwise, I can order auto-openers, double-edged daggers, no length restrictions for ownership or carry, unless it's concealed and meets a very loosely-worded definition of a Bowie. Open carry is totally unrestricted though.

    A well-known knife maker (in knife collecting circles anyway) named Doug Ritter started a couple or four years ago. He is joined by Ethan Becker (Becker Knife & Tool) on the Board of Directors, along with Tom Gresham (Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show) and Pete Brownell (Brownell's, Inc.). They approach knife rights the way it should be approached, as a legitimate 2nd Amendment-protected right. They don't get as much publicity as gun websites and forums, because, well, not nearly as many people want to learn how to fight with knives as with guns, but still, they're a great ally in the 2A struggle.

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    Much easier to take weapons away from law abiding citizens that would not likely do violent acts. We would have to pass judgment on nutty violent people. That just doesn't fit into liberal logic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    Much easier to take weapons away from law abiding citizens that would not likely do violent acts. We would have to pass judgment on nutty violent people. That just doesn't fit into liberal logic.
    And too many of the nutty violent people are liberals. And how did you get liberal and logic in the same sentence?
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