I have recently read proposed gun control bills in congress through POPVOX.com and other sites and am completely amazed at the number of ways the administration is trying to eliminate firearms. Some of the bills have nice sounding names but, when read, show that the intent of the government is to take away our rights. The shear number of bills is mind boggling and, if we don't start beating down doors of our elected representatives, we are going to be completely stripped of any rights to keep and bear firearms, up to and including slingshots! The people we have elected to defend our rights have capitulated to the POTUS's anti-gun campaign and seem to have little regard of what their constituents want. I would encourage everyone to read all of the bills and see for yourselves just what is happening. If the Democrats keep the Senate in 2014 and take back the House, we can all tuck our heads between our legs and kiss our rear ends goodbye!

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