Most arguments against gun control focus on our right to arms. "What part of 'shall not be infringed' don't you understand?" is often the refrain. Such arguments are frequently accompanied by quotes from Madison or Jefferson. The simple truth is that these arguments aren’t likely to change anyone's mind.

I don't suggest abandoning this tack - we should always stand up for the Constitution; however, I suggest these arguments be put in a context that might be more likely to sway today's so-called "low information" voter. A context that is relevant to today’s media/politician-driven concern about mass murder. It's not enough to simply say we have a right. We must convince voters that the right is important to them. How?

The problem with banning AR-15s and 30-rd magazines isn't simply that it violates the Constitution; the problem is that such bans don't reduce crime. The truth, on the other hand, is that reducing or eliminating firearms restrictions is what makes us safer in our homes, schools and communities.

And these are actual truths, not opinions (or lies a la the leftist progressive movement). They are demonstrable truths, proven by the entire history of gun control vs firearms freedom in the US and supported by peer-reviewed academic papers and even government reports.

Second Amendment patriots need to comment in online articles and blogs, and write or email new papers and TV pundits with these truths. Imagine thousands upon thousands of such communications every week (it's easy if you try). After all, there are at least 100 million gun owners in the US. Certainly we can muster enough activity to get a few thousand emails and letters each week to major newspapers, TV news organizations, and individual hosts of shows and blogs. And the NRA, GOA and other gun rights groups need to run adds to this effect. We need a Cops-like reality show that counters media bias with reenactments of citizens foiling robbers, rapists and other ne’er-do-wells (Outdoor Channel? Sportsman Channel?); and get Sean Hannity to interview the producers and sponsors to publicize the show.

We will never convert the devoted leftists. They don’t really care about crime; they just hate our guns. But we can educate enough folks to make even talk of gun control a loser for most politicians.


In the realm of court challenges: Shouldn't every court case include an argument that the government should not be allowed by the courts to adversely impact a right of the People if it cannot even demonstrate a significant societal benefit (which cannot be done in the case of gun control as noted above)? It would be nice if the court would simply buy into the “shall not infringe” argument, but that’s not going to happen. Courts have ruled time and again in favor of restricting rights for the public good (“can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded theater”); even Scalia stated in his Heller decision that some restrictions on the 2nd Amendment are constitutional. The key, it seems to me, includes getting courts to rule gun rights restrictions unconstitutional based on the government’s failure to demonstrate sufficient public benefit to warrant the infringement. Closed-minded, leftist judges notwithstanding, it seems like an easy-to-win argument to me.


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