SCOTUS punts this time
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Thread: SCOTUS punts this time

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    SCOTUS punts this time

    Justices Refuse Case on Gun Law in New York

    WASHINGTON The Supreme Court said Monday that it would not weigh in on a major Second Amendment question that has divided the lower courts: May states bar or strictly limit the carrying of guns in public for self-defense?

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    SCOTUS punts this time

    Shame isn't it? They affirm the individual right to own guns but refuse to take the time to affirm the right to actually use them for anything. Hopefully New Yorkers will continue to push to get this BS struck down.

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    It is only a matter of time before the SCOTUS will need to take up this issue. The Tenth circuit agrees with the Second Circuit, but the Seventh Circuit (ala well respected Judge Posner) held that the 2A includes the right to carry outside the home.

    I think the court is just waiting for more of the circuits to weigh in on the issue.

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    And I think Obama is hoping he gets to appoint another justice before that happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nontechguy View Post
    And I think Obama is hoping he gets to appoint another justice before that happens.
    Unless the unexpected happens, it most likely won't change the dynamic of the current court, unless Pat Robertson becomes senile and prays for the demise of the of the conservative justices by mistake.

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    Does it supprise anyone that SCOTUS does not have the moral standing to take this case? They dont have the fortitude to say "Shall not be infringed means just that"
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