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Thread: Amending the Second Amendment?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    FOX4 Mobile logo

    Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Ft. Worth store

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    Apr 16, 2013 3:39 p.m.

    A would-be robber was shot dead by a person with a concealed handgun license outside a Metro PCS store in Ft. Worth on Tuesday afternoon.

    The suspect reportedly tried to rob a man in the parking lot outside the store.

    The man with the CHL was shot in the arm and the hand by the robber, but the robber was shot multiple times in the chest.

    The robber was dead at the scene. Nuf Said.
    Great! Good example to other would be crooks.

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    ezkl2230 Guest

    Biden - We're just two votes short of passing GC in the Senate...

    "Vice President Joe Biden told a former congressional aide Tuesday during a visit to the Capitol building that the Senate was just two votes short of reaching the 60-vote threshold needed to pass a gun reform bill through the chamber."

    Biden on gun bill: ?I think we?re there?

    Harry Reid said he doesn't believe the legislation will make it through the House.

    Make those phone calls!!! Let's insure that it doesn't!!!

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    The only thing that needs to be done with the 2d Amendment is to leave it just as compromises. Given the stance of the Federal government today, it more than apparent that the amendment WAS/IS to protect us from us from tyranny. Those advocating taking our guns are not doing it "for the children" or to stop crime in general. It is to keep us from fighting against an oppressive government which is determined to run roughshod over us and make us part of the New World Order. Personally, I liked the old order and don't want any damned changes by Socialism/Communism. As has been previously mentioned there has been moral decay here for many years now and is encouraged by the government and a lot of the churches. Not all churches have part in the decay. There are some ministers which will stand up and be counted but they will be denigrated by all the deviant groups. Christianity (Catholics, Protestants and any other believers in Jesus Christ) are already targets for the Liberals. Jews are still on the world's hate list but they will be vindicated by God Himself in the not too distant future. The world is being blinded and denying our only means of salvation. The Bible has predicted everything happening today but people refuse to believe because it came from the....Bible,.... that dusty old book that isn't read by many today. But, back on the 2d Amendment, I feel DHS is the instrument that will be used by POTUS to attempt to subdue the nation. It is being armed with military equipment as well as police departments so, look out folks, the SHTF is coming! The 2d Amendment isn't the first amendment to be trashed, I simply hope it is the one which will wake up the nation and get us back on track. God help us all!

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    Education What?

    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    The real issue being ignored is the pathetic education system in this country. Special interests have for too many years been aloud to control and direct government policies. They have dumbed down the education system, ripped apart our moral fabric and cheapened life itself.
    I would not call our education system pathetic at all.
    It has done exactly what the powers to be wanted.
    The education system has taught and reinforced the theories and applications of progressivism and liberalism quite well.
    With that in mind how can you call a system that has succeeded in doing what it was designed to do pathetic.
    What is truly pathetic is the citizens of this nation standing by and allowing this to happen ever so slowly over the last few generations.
    Government intervention starting in the 40's has been all consuming of our nation pride who we are as a people no longer proud of the survivor instinct that built our nation by those who came before us. We generally have no sense of community/neighborhood and are only worried about ourselves and what is in it for ME. We as a general populace aren't willing to be counted among those who work hard, literally for their money, they all want to be educated, superior to others, better than well paid and better off than their parents no matter how well off their parents already are presently. As a parent you would say that this is the kind of attitude you want from your child.
    EVERYONE can't be on top, EVERYONE can't be the boss, EVERYONE can't have a job where they are the one in control. There has to be workers, there has to be people who take pride in just doing a job well, doing the job right the first time, doing the job the right way for a fair wage and knowing that because of their efforts they will be noticed and will be rewarded.
    Our ecducation systems has become big business, they aren't really focused on education as much as how they can get more students to attend their facility instead of another.
    I am not against Education as I have my degree or people getting ahead as much as those that do get ahead looking down on those who don't and there not realizing that it is those people who daily ensure that the train that drives this nation down the tracks is running and maintained. It is these people who have made this country the greatest in the world.
    I'd rather be a Conservative Nutjob. Than a Liberal with NO Nuts & NO Job

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