Funeral for Margaret Thatcher
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    Funeral for Margaret Thatcher

    Today, the funeral for Margaret Thatcher was held. Regardless of one's opinion of her, she was the Prime Minister of England, a country with which we have had a strong relationship for many years. To show just how unprofessional POTUS and his minions are, they did not send a senior member of the administration to represent the United States at the funeral. It was announced that former Secretaries of State, Howard Baker, 82, and George Schultz, 92 will be attending as representatives of the U.S. This was an overt snub towards a friendly government for which the administration should be very ashamed. If this wasn't bad enough, Obama did have representatives at the funeral for Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, a Socialist country. Socialist dictators get more respect from Team Obama than the former Prime Minister of England.

  3. Yeah, even Biden couldn't go? Come on! That's in the V.P.'s job description. Of course, in his defense, Joe had some important duties today, standing behind the President and scowling in a way that was a cross between Jeff Dunham's Walter puppet and Grumpy Cat.

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    I think it would have been an insult for anyone in this current administration to attend.
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    By being an insult, if you mean the UK would have been insulted by a delegation from Obama, you could very well be right. I think Obama has ill will toward the UK over his father having been imprisoned years ago. Remember him sending the bust of Churchill back? That had been a gift to the US from the UK. If that is not what you meant, you may not understand the protocols used by governments. Regardless, just another major faux pas by the administration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief1297 View Post
    I think it would have been an insult for anyone in this current administration to attend.
    I agree that ANYONE from obummer and his minions went it would be an insult. Because obummer hates everything that Reagan and Thatcher did and stood for. He will send a rep to any funeral of some Despot because he wants the same power they have and had.

    Besides I do not want obummer and any of his minions to represent USA or me because they do NOT have my beliefs and goals for this country!

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    Just another adolescent, immature "gesture" by obama.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcselby1 View Post
    Just another adolescent, immature "gesture" by obama.
    Well, I guess that this would be the expected reaction from spoiled, petulant, child. Just look at his reaction to the defeat his gun control agenda. How dare Congress stand up for the Constitution against the the will of such a superior person.

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