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Maybe you can explain how expressing freedom of religion equates to making laws affecting all people?
I never said it did.
Assumption seems to be the basis of every argument you make.
That wasn't an argument. I assumed he was speaking of Christianity and asked you to give clarification if you were thinking otherwise. Since you gave no such clarification, it appears you were assuming the same thing I was.
Calling me a liar, or are you just another mind reader with the readings of a feeble, crippled mind?
Just pointing out the obvious, that you have little to no knowledge of the teachings of Christianity and that you deride conservatives for expressing adherence to them, which is in direct contradiction to the premise and intent of the article that you claimed to support. Apparently you don't know all that much about the Christian principles and values our founders built our republic on either. They stated it openly and often. And lest you think I'm making an argument of personal religious conviction, I'm not a very religious person. I don't even attend church regurlaly. But I know the facts surrounding the founding of this nation, and I don't allow emotion or personal agendas to cloud my judgment or to refute facts. It isn't my fault if the truth hurts.