The present administration thinks every citizen could be a possible terrorist. That's why we are all being monitored. Our alphabet soup agencies are so busy monitoring our citizens, they are missing the very terrorists they are purported to be monitoring. Ironic.

If our Republic implodes, the emerging cultures digging out of the ash will still be driven by survival. People will do atrocious things to survive. Once the survivors have food, shelter, and water, they will seek other resources with other survivors. Cooperation at this level is a must, to improve the quality of life of the survivors. This will continue until cells, or colonies are formed, and the colonies with the most firepower and resources will proliferate. Everyone will join them for the common good. Skirmishes with other colonies will erupt, and perhaps in a hundred years or so, the strong will have come to power over the weak.

Fast forward, a lot. As we pronounce ourselves as a civilized culture, governed by the electorate, we *seem* to be doing well. However, the same human greed, lust, thirst for violence and corruption has once again infiltrated most people, governing bodies, and our "new" government. After all, through violence and greed, the strong have once again come to power.

We progress, live beyond our means, and the corrupt political juggernaut spends itself into default once again, and this whole scenario repeats itself. We relive history, as we are too stupid to remember it.


But wait! This assumes there is no involvement with other global superpowers! Game changers. We may have to learn Chinese, Indie, Spanish, or who knows?

If America defaults, the entire world will be affected, and possibly default. It will be a global crisis. All bets are off. Possibility of nuclear Armageddon. The invasion of America by foreigners.

There may be civil and other wars, but not before the U.S. has destroyed its economic standing, assuring its collapse. Everything will be out of our hands, at that point.

The only thing certain about present and future events, is uncertainty. I hope I'm dead before global societies start feeding on each other like too many rats in a pen. Until then, I'll wait and deal with whatever looms on the horizon; that's all any of us may do.

Finally, it is ridiculous to think we may overthrow the U.S. government...they are well on their way to overthrowing themselves, with China poised to pickup the pieces.

Something huge is coming. I did see a blue helmet at a LGS a few weeks ago. It was on display. It had two bullet holes in it.