President Obama needs an attitude adjustment
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Thread: President Obama needs an attitude adjustment

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    President Obama needs an attitude adjustment

    President Obama needs an attitude adjustment
    By: Silvio Canto, Jr.
    We hear complaints about a lack of bipartisanship in Washington DC. Actually, there is plenty of bipartisanship going on. Bipartisanship in Washington means that Democrats and Republicans come together to vote down the Obama agenda, from budget proposals to the latest gun control bill. I guess that this is "politically incorrect" bipartisanship, or the kind that the media never talks about.
    On Wednesday, President Obama came out swinging and called it a "shameful day". It was a bitter loss, according to pundits. He was reacting to the US Senate failing to pass the latest of the gun control bills.
    President Obama's reaction was a pitiful performance or the actions of a man who doesn't get the political reality around him. He is also a man who does not respect those who disagree with him.
    President Obama should get over himself and look at some realities:
    1) ObamaCare is "a train wreck", according to Sen Baucus. Even the roofers union is now calling for its repeal. Senate Democrats are staring at a red-state electorate that will not buy the idea that legislators voted for something that will raise their taxes. Furthermore, why would a Senate Democrat running for reelection sign on to a gun law approved by the editorial board of The NY Times but rejected by people living in the real world?
    2) According to Gallup's issues index, "gun control" is way below the economy, jobs and the deficit. Politicians read these polls too. Most people just don't see the connection between "gun control" and the terrible attack in Newtown. They'd rather have Washington do something about the economy.
    The biggest problem is that President Obama is not very good at sitting down with Congress and finding common ground. He should listen to Democrats and Republicans who are telling him to focus on mental health concerns and enforcement of existing laws.
    President Obama also does not respect those who have honest disagreements with him. On the contrary, he demonizes and mocks them. He puts little children on the stage suggesting that he cares more about child safety than his opponents do.
    So here is a memo to President Obama: Negotiate in good faith and you might see more accomplishments!
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    Well... There you go!

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    It was a "shameful day". That was because Obama opened his mouth again.

    How do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving.
    "Beware the fury of a patient man." --John Dryden,
    British poet, critic and playwright

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    The "anti-gun legislation", as Harry Reid finally truthfully called it and showed us what they actually think about the bill, was never intended to pass into law. It is not about protecting the children, as they so often say. It is about regaining control of the House. Obama never doubted that the bill could be passed in the Senate and sent to the House, where it would be voted down for sure. Then he could point at the nasty Republicans and say they don't care about the children, about guns killing innocent people, and children, and of course the children. Nobody really thinks it would ever pass in the House.

    He would then beat Republicans over the head with this again and again during the 2014 House campaign. But now, it appears he does not have the influence in the Senate he thought he had, and that is why he is so mad. The Libs know the proposed new laws won't change anything and won't prevent the next mass shooting.

    It is always about gaining power and about politics when the liberals do anything.

    So his anger is that of a little spoiled kid that did not get his way and he is throwing a tantrum. He is not used to not getting his way. I hope he has the opportunity to become used to not getting his way over the next 3+ years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nontechguy View Post
    It was a "shameful day". That was because Obama opened his mouth again.

    How do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving.
    He talks out of both sets of cheeks. Mostly his lower. We'll never get that stank out the White House
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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    I think a more accurate title would be "President Obama needs a waambulance."

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    Quote Originally Posted by tricolordad View Post
    I think a more accurate title would be "President Obama needs a waambulance."

    Be sure to dial Whine One One.
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