Excellent summary of Barry's hissy fit by Bob Lonsberry ......
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Thread: Excellent summary of Barry's hissy fit by Bob Lonsberry ......

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    Excellent summary of Barry's hissy fit by Bob Lonsberry ......


    Bob Lonsberry is an American radio talk show host, columnist, and author.


    Yesterday was a big news day. One of the biggest in years. The nation had been hit by a terrorist attack just two days before, reports were that a suspect had been identified and might even be close to being arrested. The mysterious assassinations of two Texas prosecutors had been broken open and the country was just learning that it was neither white supremacists nor Mexican drug lords who had targeted our legal system. Letters containing a lethal poison had been mailed to both the Congress and the White House. For the first time since the season of terrorism commenced in 2001, a poison attack had been launched in the mails.

    And all of this had broken since noon. So when the White House announced that the president was holding a hurry-up press conference at 5:30, you knew it was big. The Boston evening briefing had been called off just minutes before it was scheduled to start, presumably out of deference to the president’s appearance, and the air was heavy with portent. Perhaps the president was going to announce an arrest. Possibly he was going to give more information about the deadly letters sent to Washington and whether they were tied to some terrorist plot. Maybe he had something to say about the evacuations at the Boston courthouse, and at Brigham and Women’s. Maybe it was just an update to the country on where we stood and what we should expect.

    But it was none of those things.

    As radio stations and television broadcasts across the country went live, the president and his props walked out and it became clear what this was about.

    Barack Obama was throwing a fit.

    After some comments from a Sandy Hook father who has become an anti-gun campaigner, Barack Obama took the microphone and wore it out for most of a half an hour. Not a word about Boston. Not a word about defending the country against terrorism or any success that might have been had in catching whoever was behind an attack on the country just 48 hours before.

    It was Obama about Obama.

    His big gun-banning initiative had come up empty. He had taken the horrific murder of 20 young children and their teachers and whored it out to advance his lifelong anti-gun agenda. He used the tears of bereaved mothers to manipulate the political system to get what he wanted.

    Only he didn’t. The Senate – controlled by his own party – denied him even the least offensive of his attacks on the Second Amendment. The legislative process played out and he lost and his reaction was – on a day when there was an abundance of truly significant issues facing the country – to throw a self-centered hissy fit. He ranted and raved, condemning Congress and the NRA and anyone else he could think of. He raised his voice and there was rage in his eyes and he threatened his foes and tried to rally his supporters. He called on people to support him and his party and to oppose the Republicans and their supporters.

    He was concerned about politics. While there was still blood on the sidewalk. While a dozen people were still fighting for their lives. While a nation was looking for leadership. Barack Hussein Obama was throwing a fit. Outraged at his political impotence. Indignant that the Congress had not bowed before him. On the day that a poll said 4 percent of Americans believe gun control is an important issue. Barack Obama was upset about guns.

    So clueless. So out of touch. So focused on what mattered to him, without regard to what mattered to the people. He had tried to gut a piece of the very Constitution he had sworn to uphold, and it bit him, and he threw a tantrum. It was like watching a spoiled prince, some inbred and addle-minded scion of entitlement and privilege, raging against a disappointment to his ego.

    Last night we saw the real Obama.

    The one who doesn’t give a damn about anything but himself and his interests.

    - by Bob Lonsberry © 2013
    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

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    When you think about it, everything he has ever done has always been about him, him, and him.
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    The world rotates around the American boy king. The sooner the surfs of this country realize this the better off we will be. The low information crowd already understands this. It's time for the rest of us realize the true facts. So put down your guns and your bible and all hail the American boy king.
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    I have to admit that the more he and Biden cry, whine, moan and stomp on their hankies the more I chuckle and snicker.

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    If I had the time and resources I am willing to bet that if you took all of Obama speeches and gleaned them for the words.
    I BELIEVE or AMERICA SHOULD, or MOST AMERICANS BELIEVE, all of course shouted our like a Baptist Minister on a Hot July Sunday Morning. They would be in each and every speech.
    He never really says anything in these speeches except hyperbole, rhetoric and what someone else should be doing. AND THE CROWDS SWOON AND TINGLE.
    This one however he was weally weally mad and he weally weally wanted to make sure everyone knew it.
    Then after all the drama and further loss of life in Boston. He gives one of the most lack luster and depressing speech that screamed I really don't wanna be here saying this.
    But in the end he made it clear that WE WHITE BIGOT PRIVILEGED AMERICANS should make no assumption about the motive of the Boston Bombers.
    I know exactly what their motives were. IF the POTUS with all of his resources doesn't know then shame on all those Federal Agencies. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
    Can you please send a note to Obama and Joe? Tell them the bombers were Islamic Jihadists.
    Tolerance of the intolerant leads to the destruction of tolerance. “You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest,” in the land of the free.

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