Surprise...? Obama Budget Hikes Taxes on the Non Rich Too.
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Thread: Surprise...? Obama Budget Hikes Taxes on the Non Rich Too.

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    Arrow Surprise...? Obama Budget Hikes Taxes on the Non Rich Too.

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  3. And that's what they do, is to rape the peoples, the hard working low to middle class peoples. I'm so glad that I'm not depending on him but I depend on God.

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    I'm waiting for folks to understand that the elite have been robbing this country for a very long time.. so much so that there isn't anything left to steal... and so they turn to the only source of revenue they have... taxes upon the commoners. More taxes do NOT equal better roads or services for the commoners... it only equates to more luxuries, more influence, and more power... for the elite.

    People... we have been systematically robbed for a very long time... but now there isn't any extra to skim off the top. There is only one way to generate the revenue necessary for the elite to maintain a lifestyle they demand they are entitled to... and that is to raise taxes upon the commoners.

    Anyone ever see those movies where the soldiers go through the village of the rag wearing starving commoners and beat them until they pay their taxes? Well............. that is coming soon to your own home town because the elite are running out of YOUR money to spend.

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    Even Obama knows the bulk of the money sits in the middle class. That has always been his plan. Convince the low information voters he is going to get even with the greedy rich. Meanwhile he can pick the middle class pockets, while the low information voters praise him for his good intentions. Got to love liberals, spend other peoples money and not their own. The low information voters continue to love them.
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