Dianne Feinstein mischategorizes Peter King's comments about terrorism
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Thread: Dianne Feinstein mischategorizes Peter King's comments about terrorism

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    Dianne Feinstein mischategorizes Peter King's comments about terrorism

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein appeared with Rep. Peter King on Fox News Sunday today to discuss the Boston bombings and gun control. At one point she said she doesn’t find talking about it helpful when the FBI can handle it.

    In response to Rep. King saying we might not be doing enough in getting into the Muslim community where the terrorism takes hold, Sen. Feinstein said she doesn’t think we should “develop some real hatred and disdain about it on television.”

    Feinstein deliberately mischaracterized her opponent’s comments to destroy his argument.

    See Video Below
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    And what surprises you about DiFi getting it wrong, again? She needs to retire to a rest home as she is starting to really get looney.
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    Get the universal defense weapon, a shot gun. While your at it don't dare to profile any terrorist. We wouldn't want to offend they. That might make them hate us more. Especially don't say anything about profiling on national TV. That is such an ugly word.
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    And let the bigotry commence! I'm sure LSmurphy aka Koolbota aka Shoobee will be along soon enough to attempt an insult towards Islam based on racial hatred. lol

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