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    The more things change the more they stay the same. All are Signs of the End of the Age & this Last Generation. Nothing new, everything just like the "End of The Book" has read for thousands of years. "The Sad Truth" is that we are living at the end of the Last Generation, the seeds of destruction have already been planted and cultivated. At this stage of human development it's far too late to make anything better, quite to the contrary. For this reason America isn't even mentioned in End Times Prophecy.

    QUOTE=dcselby1- "I trust that you will remember the end of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount: That it is not those who call upon his name who will be saved, but only those who DO the things he said.
    Likewise in this situation, our only hope of salvation lies in DOING".

    Acts 2:21 – And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

    To call on the name of the Lord is literally to take on the Lord’s name (His character). This expression has the idea of a wife taking on her husband’s name. It means much more than just calling out her husband’s name. In Biblical times, the name was associated with the person’s character. When we talk about the name of the Lord what we really mean is His character. Therefore, those who “call upon the name of the Lord” as the text in Acts says, literally they take on the character of the Lord. They become like Him. They call His name upon themselves.

    The passage in Matthew 7 comes from Jesus Christ’s famous “Sermon on the Mount” and in this section He is speaking of those who call Jesus “Lord” (they say that He is their Lord) yet they do not do what He says. They do not obey Him. These people have never “called on the name of the Lord” (taken on His character) because they do not live like He did. Therefore, when they give Him lip service as Lord and do not obey Him, He will cast them out because they never knew Him and He never knew them.

    Praise God for salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ! Our hope for salvation does not lie in "our" DOING anything. Our only hope of salvation lies in what Christ has already DONE, period. Our only hope for ESCAPING the upcoming nightmare lies in what Christ has yet to DO, it's called the Rapture/Blessed Hope.

    Amen, my brother and this is so true.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    What I find most disgusting and disappointing is not the piece of crap in the whitehouse nor his inner circle and cabinet composed of the inmates that run this asylum we used to call the USA, but the almost 200 democrat reps and senators who just act like lemmings and are willing to follow this garbage and his tweedle dee pelosi and tweedle dum reid right over the cliff. I cannot believe that all of them are so enamored with this imbecilic and dangerous administration that they cannot see the writing on the wall. I guess they are so full of greed with their power and all the perks that they just do not care--it infuriates me no end. I can tell you that the good guys may not come but when the bad ones do, someone will go to hell before I go to heaven. I am not a sheep and as I have said before, I am not going to be like my fellow Jews in Germany who walked off to their deaths when the bad guys eventually came. I see this as a very real possibility--history may very well repeat only with a black moslem Hitler.

    The reason they all or most are doing this is that they are being control by the prince of the earth (devil) to do you end time work, we have to know the real reason behind all of this.

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