Taking background checks directly to the voters....
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Thread: Taking background checks directly to the voters....

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    Taking background checks directly to the voters....

    It appears that both state and federal lawmakers may think about putting universal background checks on their respective ballots. If that is the case, look for Bloomberg to do nationally what he did in Michigan the last time around. He flooded us with misinformation regarding candidates and initiatives that would have led to greater ownership/carry freedom.

    A new front for gun background checks: the ballot

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    there should be a background check for politicians and their appointees

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    The antis just keep coming at us on a constant basis. We must always be on guard and ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

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    It doesn't matter what the voters think. The Bill of Rights is not subject to public referendum. It was added in order to protect individual liberty from the whim of sometimes stupid voters and dishonorable and dishonest politicians. The Bill of Rights was meant by the founders to be inviolable and that includes by the courts. Judges are not infallible as evidenced by cases like the Dred Scott decision (look it up). If our guaranteed rights are subject to the whim of men then we have no rights except those granted to us by government.

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    contrary to what the libtards are trying to push we do not have direct democracy in the US we live in a representational republic

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    Of course the Dems want this, then dead people can vote and registered Obama, Reid, and Feinstein supporters can vote multiple times while throwing out conservative military absentee ballots.

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    If "they in power" thought that there won't be a shitstorm by putting it on a ballot, they are friggin wrong!
    My RIGHTS are not and will not be decided by the ignorant majority.

    And we will take one step closer to complete and utter destruction of our enemies...go ahead... Test me...

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    it's called tyranny of the majority, 50 years of dumbing down america is beginning to pay off for our enemies

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