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Thread: Preparing A New Gun Control Bill Already

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    Toomey is a rat. Period.
    Stop, Drop, and Roll won't work in Hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckey01 View Post
    Toomey either needs to change his ways or lose to real conservative in a Republican Party primary. I am getting really tired of having a choice between a progressive big government conservative and a borderline Communist. Toomey will no longer get an A from the NRA. I guarantee you that the NRA is getting tired of politicians who betray their trust.
    What rating do you contemplate Toomey's getting changed to by the N R A? I'll be absolutely amazed if he gets a minus added to his "A" rating. The N R A's rating system is meaningless, especially for the higher grades. They should just be pass or fail, you're either with us or against us, period.

    I just tried to look at the current ratings list on the N R A-ILA site, but either couldn't get to it because I'm not a member, or just plain ol' couldn't figure out how to find it, but it might behoove members to look at the list below from a couple of weeks ago and compare it to the current list to see if any of these traitor's ratings have changed. If they haven't, y'all might want to ask yourselves what you get for your support besides a neato magazine every three months and a cool little sticker to put on the back of your car.

    To quote myself from a little more than two weeks ago:

    Might be interesting to know the N R A rating of each of these turncoats, don't you think?

    16 Republicans Vote To Move Forward on Gun Control

    Colorado -–( Yesterday, on the vote to proceed to debate on President Obama’s anti-gun agenda, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid succeeded in overcoming Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster.

    And 13 NRA “A Rated” Republicans and 9 “A Rated” Democrats voted to help him do it (Plus 2 more NRA “B Rated” politicians).

    I’m going to give you a list of these wolves in sheep’s clothing shortly, but our job now is crystal clear — let these turncoats know that any gun control that passes now is their fault.

    .....In fact, if any bad legislation ultimately is passed into law, the blame can be laid at the feet of the following Republican turncoats who voted to end Senator Paul’s filibuster, including:

    • Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) – N R A - A rated
    • Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) – N R A - A rated
    • Richard Burr (N.C.) – N R A - A rated
    • Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) – N R A - A rated
    • Tom Coburn (Okla.) – N R A - A rated
    • Susan Collins (Maine) – N R A - C+ rated
    • Bob Corker (Tenn.) – N R A - A rated
    • Jeff Flake (Ariz.) – N R A - A rated
    • Lindsey Graham (S.C.) – N R A - A rated
    • Dean Heller (Nev.) – N R A - A rated
    • John Hoeven (N.D.) – N R A - A rated
    • Johnny Isakson (Ga.) – N R A - A rated
    • Mark Kirk (Ill.) – N R A - F rated
    • John McCain (Ariz.) – N R A - B+ rated
    • Pat Toomey (Pa.) – N R A - A rated
    • Roger Wicker (Miss.) – N R A - A+ rated

    As the lead-in says, there were also 9 N R A "A-rated" Dems who voted to bust the filibuster.

    So explain to this non-member how the rating system of the N R A is helpful at all to any Second Amendment supporter? I mean, if Susan Collins, one of the farthest-left Republicans to ever serve in the Senate, can get a "C+" rating, how does that help Maine voters know who is going to protect the Constitution and their rights?

    Do those of you who are members anticipate this vote causing any of these ratings (besides Kirk's "F") to be reduced as a result of this vote? How about those 9 "A-rated" Dems?

    Most of you know my feelings about the N R A, but I'm still going to say what I think about this: The N R A is itself so full of political BS that their rating system is also nothing but political BS that is completely meaningless in helping unknowing 2A-supporting voters decide who will help them retain their rights. It sure as heck ain't the 13 "A-rated" hacks listed above, or the 9 "A-rated" Dem hacks who also voted to break the filibuster.

    No one has ever heard me say that I "hate" cops, because I don't. This is why I will never trust one again though: You just never know...

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    They don't care about anything other than saving their pathetic political asses. Traitors, all of them.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    The "Gun control" issue will never go away as long as Obama, Harry Reid, Feinstein, & Blomberg are in government, remember they know what is best for you. Welcome to the Socialist States of America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Just like our side never got what it wanted by giving up any time we failed, theirs never did either. We should never make the mistake of getting complacent any time we achieve victory or they experience defeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SR40c View Post
    They don't care about anything other than saving their pathetic political asses. Traitors, all of them.
    Yet all these mad voters keep re-electing them. HELLO!!!!!!!!
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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