Road Trip!! Recreate '68
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Thread: Road Trip!! Recreate '68

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    Road Trip!! Recreate '68

    So, who wants to go?
    I was expecting something like this to go on at the DNC, but I hadn't seen a website until now. It is going to be a very interesting convention.
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    "Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente Announce Their Participation in Anti-war, Anti-human rights Abuse Events Before the DNC"

    No thanks! I don't even want to be on the same planet with those two much less being at a demonstration with them. I see credibility is not an usual!
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    Sounds like a real fun time all around no doubt about it. And just think it will not even be Halloween yet.
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    Can any of you honestly say you're surprised? I know I'm not.

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