Syrian Chemical Weapons...?
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Thread: Syrian Chemical Weapons...?

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    Arrow Syrian Chemical Weapons...?

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    But what will obummer do? Go hide under the bed like he did with Benghazi? He said today he needed more time and information before responding. He needs more time to try to waffle his way out of doing anything at all!

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    No backbone and a severely reduced military...not gonna happen. Just like Pakistan never happened. He will probably just send a few drones.

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    I believe that Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled before the end of 2013. Not by U.S., by Israel.
    ~ The Best News The World Has Ever Heard Came From A Cemetery ~

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    No vital U.S. interests are at stake in Syria. Even if it is proven that chemical weapons were used, the U.S. should do nothing. So what if it means Obama has to go back on his word? Better for him to have a little egg on his face than to risk the lives of American service members where no U.S. interests are at stake.

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    I agree with you Tattedupboy, Arabs killing Arabs and none of them like us anyway.

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    When his red line is met it is just another excuse to go on vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
    I believe that Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled before the end of 2013. Not by U.S., by Israel.
    Lawl. Idc who does it, any regime gassing its own people with Sarin should be wiped out.

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    Israel was taken into captivity and scattered 156 years before Isaiah prophesied about Damascus. The State of Israel is NOT biblical Israel.

    But don't let the facts and history get in the way of false doctrine.

    Also, you cannot explain who Assyria is, or Jacob, or Ephraim.

    Nope, don't let little ole me get in the way of your ignorance.

    Yes, US will invade Syria, and it will be our undoing.

  11. The red line is a movable marker, it would seem. I don't want more involvement in wars abroad. We cannot save the world's people from their own government tyranny. Our government would have to borrow more money from China to fund it, and I think China has had it with U.S. financial clowns.

    I'm getting tired of hearing "It's important to understand" or some iteration out of our CIC's mouth at the start of uh-oh press conferences.

    Iraq, foolish. Afghanistan, foolish. Syria, foolish.

    Please. No more fools.

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