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Thread: gun confiscation starts in illinois todat!

  1. WakeUP!!!!! they make you get a foid card to buy a gun then after you get a foid card and buy a gun when it comes time to renew your card they back log it for a year and in the mean time the goon squad breaks down your door and takes your gun arrests you cause your card is expired. then you have a arrest record and can not get a 2nd gun cause your are a criminal!!!

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    revoked, not expired.

  4. DUH!!! there is a back log of people waiting to renew their FOID card and while they wait the GOON Squad comes to their house and takes their guns cause they have a expired FOID CARD DUH!!!!! great little crook of a game. rock and a hard place. DUH!!!!
    YOU NEED YOUR TIN HAT to stop your brain baking in the sun YOUR A CROCK OF BS YOU LIVE IN ILLINOIS AND NEVER HEARD OF THIS!!! YOU SHIX IN THE SAME BLOCK WHERE OBOma boy LIVED so your allways right!!!! BUSINESS AS USUAL you jump on anyone who says hey they are taking gun from people you say its ok they don't have FOID cards yea they can get them in time!! Oh wait I forgot to tell you where my source is go look in the mirror and look at the jackass there that's my source.!! YOU POST ON THE SAME FORUM AS THE CHIEF NRA"S BOTTLE WASHER 2nd class dicx sucking sister
    The NRA is fighting in the courts they expect us to fight too so you jumping on anyone who complains about any gun taking matter is going to piss me off so shut your BS mouth. Something comes up and someone here brings it up you keep your trap shut till we all get to see it. then the true 2A people can talk about it. free speach is the 1st A But you don't have a free pass to jump on them!!! you don't think it true ok we can look at it. you jump on someone again and i am going have to jump on you. and your not very smart! you suck!! I assume there is a monitor in this room forgive me In the next post I will be polite, But there are people I see as trying to stop open and free discusstions of events here by shouting them down. they need to be looked at, calling people trolls and saying that they are full of BS and they have great conections to the truth. BShix I think maybe they are spys to control this forum from the anti-gun LOBBY.
    beware DOGS!!! I CAST YE OUT!!! LOL I bust my gut sometimes but for real you don't want someone to hit back be nice!
    or draw! DOG!!!

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    "In the past seven weeks, deputies have seized 83 guns and 106 revoked Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) from individuals prohibited from possessing the card under state and federal law, according to a new release from the sheriff’s department.

    Deputies also recovered thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    While a person can be prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm under federal and state law for a variety of reasons, the most common reasons occur when a person is convicted of a felony, determined by a mental health professional to be a risk to themselves or others or who have an order or protection issued against them."

    now i see why you are up in arms. it's the mental health thing, right?

  6. the law they broke was their FOID card was not renew in time. cause of the back log that the state has. the unit went to their house and took their gun. one house had a wife who's FOID card was still good so they could not take the gun
    no FOID CARD thats the law. LOOK if they can take anyone's gun with out due process in a court of law it's wrong!!!
    FOID CARSD has to go next, after the CC bill passes!
    insults to another poster. first REALLY :< get you smacked.
    I served in the Marines that gets me the right to post. you want to debate me fine I can post in a nice way!! insult me and stand by I twist your head off and shix down your neck.

  7. very funny BRonze there are vets getting their guns taken form them because they went for help in the VA and were reported that they talk about something that bothered them from a overseas tour not harm to themselfs or another and were reported as needing mental help and no guns now!! served in the us armed forces and need to talk to someone and no guns now.
    yea I will have to get back to you on the source I will look it up so wait. very funny man!!
    DETERMINED BY A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL not a court a person not a doctor a counselor or nurse, or blood taker. the guy picking up the phones at the va hosptal. YOU!!! gets to say if the guy who served in that meat grinder war gets to get a gun. very funny man.

  8. You don't get it!!!!! there is a list of gun owners!!!!!!!! There should not be a list!!!!! revoked !!! expired who gets to say why no court!!! some guy behind a desk no recourse! just a list!!! revoked cause its expired by 3 months!!! back log is a year!!
    revoke by who?? WHY???? where did the people get to defend themself > in what court???

  9. Shall not be infringed!!!!

  10. The police are coming to people's house and taking their GUNS and none of you think it's wrong.
    NO court just the goon squad!!
    shame on you all!
    There should not be a FOID CARD. no LIST of gun owners. there are only 13 15 post here under my name cause
    I left long ago
    I posted a lot here before 1000 of them. under a old new computer came back when I heard about the C7 ruling hope for a Ccarry bill.
    I wait for the day when I can get a CC permit for Illinois.
    you pecker heads are not the old breed. OUTLAW MY brother your still here you get sick of these pantywaist pussys.
    they ever show up at a gun rally guess not still got milk behind the ears, you slap the shix out of them yet??
    there was a time when men stood up and said
    are those just words to you guys.
    I served in the MARINES.
    I stood up and walk forward.
    there were many of us.
    there are still young men and women walking forward now.
    I am not alone. WE am legend. WE do not forget, We do not forgive. We vote you out of office.
    I am not anonymous I am WHITETIGER5

  11. I am an Illonois resident. I quoted the OP in a post on, tje response (just like mine) is that this is complete BS. They've been trying to pass AWBs and mag bans for as long as I remember but they havent been able to because of downstate Dems who are heavy duty pro-gun. The author of our carry bill, Democrat. He's been working with our state's NRA lobbyist for years on carry bills (yea its that bad that we have our own NRA lobbyist allocated to IL but Todd is a fantastic guy, if it weren't for him we'd already be limited to single shell shotguns).

    They do confiscate firearms...but only from those who have had their FOID revoked (the ISP runs a nightly check for new mental health admissions, arrests, etc.) and only if the card holder is non-compliant. The ISP doesn't come busting in, they send a letter in the mail asking for you to surrender it voluntarily and tell you to transfer your firearms to someone with a valid FOID like a family member. If you do not comply, they will come to your home and seize your firearms.

    As far as a registry goes, yeah they have one. Every time an FFL runs an FTIP (point of contact for NICS) check, they have to enter your FOID # along with the firearm's serial. Unlike NICS, records are not destroyed and are kept in a database. So they can run my FOID # and find out how many firearms I've had transferred to me through an FFL. Now, that number is not accurate as I've sold several firearms in FTF sales (I just need the transferee's info, check their FOID and DL to make sure addresses match). I even drafted a bill of sale with the time and dste sale was made snd same for transfer time and date to cover the waiting period. Put it all in a manila envelope and then into my safe.

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