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Thread: registration leads to confiscation.

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    QUOTE=Iam2Taz;433364]Anyone who thinks registration is a good idea hasn't studied history at all. In other words, they are ignorant by either omission or commission. Omission - They should shut up because they have no clue what they are talking about. Commission - They are a socialist and as such are treasonous to These United States of America and should be treated as such.

    Oh wait, there was no WWII.... Hitler didn't kill millions... Stalin wasn't a person. And that was just a couple of major players in the last 100 years.[/QUOTE]

    Some people may remember this picture and others like it. Substitute the words. "ALL PERSONS OF AMERICAN ANCESTRY" and maybe add the FEMA logo to the sign.

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  3. All of this is scary to say the least and it will be interesting to see what it's going to be like in a fews months, not years.

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