Benghazi Whistle Blower: “… Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die”
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Thread: Benghazi Whistle Blower: “… Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die”

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    Benghazi Whistle Blower: “… Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die”

    by Billy Allman

    Two of my SEAL brothers (Doherty and Woods) were in Benghazi, working with the CIA on an intelligence mission to locate shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles that were stolen by Al Qaeda when Libya fell. They heard several shots being fired near the consulate. It was recorded that Ty radioed to inform his superiors and tell them what he was hearing and requested permission to assist at the consulate. However, they were told to “stand down!” An hour later, they called again to report the gunfire and requested to assist and were again told to “stand down!” WHY? And by whom? Only the President can give the order to military units to cross a country’s borders.

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    Benghazi Whistle Blower: ?? Americans Were Deliberately Left There To Die? |
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    At least that was the chain of command. From all the reports it is hard to tell what the chain of command is at the WH now. From what I heard they had to drag obummer into the situation room when they got UBL. Then he still did not give the order. Obummer is a coward. He talks big but can not back it up!!

  4. And this is what make me angry as ****, ours leader would do stuff like this, this is unheard of that we will snope this low.

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    0bama's chain of command: "See me and don't do anything without asking first. I'm going to bed and I don't want to be disturbed."
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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    0bama's chain of command: "See me and don't do anything without asking first. I'm going to bed and I don't want to be disturbed."
    Well, he did have to rest up for the big fundraiser in Vegas the next day. You can't ask him to rub elbows with his socialist buddies without a little rest first.
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  7. Relax, it`s just CIA..

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    I pray daily that this situation will be resolved properly in the name of those who gave their lives for our nation.
    Unfortunately I will not live long enough for this event to be declassified for me to be able to read about what really happened and why.
    As for the inaction of Obama in the face of hostile fire, I can only surmise he was protecting those people that he aligns himself with and that is not we Americans. This is only more concretely presented each and everytime he refuses to identify terriost action against Americans as a terrorist attack and this has happened too many times for it to be simply an isolated occurance.
    The more these types of situations occur and we as a nation do not respond appropriately and swiftly, we are regarded by the rest of the world as weak and ineffective. Putting us in the cross hairs by even more who wish us an evil demise.
    The greatest defense is a swift and deliberate offense, in this premise I fully believe and we as Americans must support those who will contribute to bringing us back from the brink of being lost to the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy boy View Post
    Relax, it`s just CIA..

    My thoughts as well...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMorrison View Post

    My thoughts as well...
    "Satan build his army." ( Dark Secrets: Bohemian Grove)

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    Surprisingly, the MSM allowed the following report to slip through:

    Official: We knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack "from the get-go" - CBS News

    Of course, before this attack took place, the administration had declared the war on terrorism to be over- so this couldn't have been an act of terrorism. That would have really messed things up for Obama, who continues to repeat the mantra, "islam is a religion of peace and tolerance."

    Says Rep. Issa,

    "There was this normalization, sort of a mentality, where you had to pretend like things were safe; the war on terror was over... And that may have gone in a great way to getting people to say, 'Well, we can't call this a terrorist attack because then the war on terror is back alive.'

    "Well... the war on terror is very much alive... whether it's Chechen nationals who come here, or whether it's what's going on in Syria - it's al Qaeda around the world. And that's the reality that, hopefully, State Department people will feel at least they are being properly protected after this attack."

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