I fully expect to get flamed for this post, but I want to share a conversation I had with my congressman, Bob Goodlatte, (R) 6th district, Virginia. I know how tenaciously people cling to their beliefs, so rather than take this as me trying to sway you, I'll just share the high points of our conversation.

My point in chatting with Congressman Goodlatte was to thank him for his hard line position against any new gun legislation. Having done that, he volunteered some additional information. First of all he brought up the 1.6 billion (or 1 billion, take your pick) rounds of ammo purchased by the government. His comment, "Pure fiction, not a hundredth of that...not a thousandth of that". He said he was on a committee to investigate government ammo purchases and that, yes there had been recent activity in that area. The agencies that had surplus cash spent it on ammo for training purposes, but nowhere near a billion rounds. Second, he mentioned the hollow points purchased by the gov't. Yes they did buy them-a small percentage of the total purchase. Reason: to limit penetration on certain targets.

Real reason for the ammo shortage: Consumer panic. He asked me if I knew of any stores that opened to a line of buyers on delivery day. I replied that I had seen it first hand. Mondays at Wal-Mart and Wednesdays at Gander Mountain. There is no Bass Pro Shop near my town. He said that he had spoken with various gov't agencies and a couple of ammunition manufacturers as part of his work on the committee and the finding was that the civilian consumer is grabbing all the ammo. He finished our conversation by saying, "Not only is Obama the greatest gun salesman in history, he's also the greatest ammo salesman."

We didn't go into armored vehicles or FEMA coffins. I had taken a lot of his time and others were waiting to speak with him.

So, for what it's worth, there it is. I consider Congressman Goodlatte a good and honorable man whom I have voted for repeatedly and who does not usually disappoint me. Yes, he is an attorney and a politician, but I have been generally satisfied with his service.