If you look at the CCW map here - http://usacarry.com/index.php?option...pper&Itemid=38 - it shows two states (and two commonwealth territories) that do not issue conceal weapons permits AT ALL. Maybe that contributed to this tragedy - http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,300003,00.html

Now it is a terrible tragedy - I am not blaming any one group - but no one in those towns is armed except for the police for the most part. The police are not there to stop crime - they investigate it after it happens. But this story is of trust gone horribly wrong. A sheriff's deputy committed those murders. Such a thing is VERY rare and I am a strong police advocate. This guy was NOT in uniform, thankfully.

But Wisconsin needs to rethink its second amendment constitutional violation. You should NOT deny a citizen's right to defend him/herself.