Am I mentally challenged or........
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Thread: Am I mentally challenged or........

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    Am I mentally challenged or........

    During the recent debates over "controls" (people or guns, your choice) I kept hearing one amazing statistic quoted over and over again.. "90% of Americans favor expanded background checks"

    So here is my quandary.... 90% is the equivalent to 45 states.
    It only takes 37 states ratifying a new amendment to the Constitution.

    So if so many of us wanted the background checks, why the heck would we need congress to do anything? It would have taken, what a week or so, to ratify a new amendment to the Constitution removing the 2nd A, and having something more "Gun\people control" friendly.

    Well golly Harry Reid, my senator from NV, when I brought this up in my letter to you, your response said nothing about it....... Why? Ooops, I forgot.... Im just a peon from the north eastern part of the state where we are to dumb to realize [sarcasm]you know best [/sarcasm]
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    WHOA....NOW YOU'VE DONE IT!!! You've violated the main rule for judging liberal've gone and applied're just supposed to hear it, FEEL IT...and agree with it!

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    That "90%" figure was from a poll which consisted of only 6 states, of which are mostly anti-gun. So,,,, that 90% figure is complete bullcrap

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    also, most of the folks that would want it removed live in an even smaller number of total states...maybe a majority in 12-14 states?

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    Also, it takes a "con-con" to alter an amendment.
    Three fourths of all of the states have to agree just to open it for discussion.
    Thank god but its a tougher process than you think to alter the Constitutional Amendments.
    Our founding father did that on purpose.
    One more thing to note. We live in a Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy.
    Only our elections are done as a Democracy.
    Anything else is not a "majority rules" situation.
    It doesn't matter if the 90% number is true or not (which it isn't).
    In our Republic, my rights still stand apart from the masses desire for change.

    Sent from behind enemy lines.

  7. dustoffuh1 - I'd be interested, if you have the info, which six states it was? Presumably NY, IL, and CA leading the pack. I'd guess after that it would be NJ, CT and MA. Am I right? You can get any result you want to get by selecting the group to be polled carefully enough. Select the states with the worst anti-gun laws, then call in the urban areas and leave out the 'country' folk. Ba-da-bing, you've got a 90% result from your 'survey'.

    Lenin would love those 6 states, and if he were alive today I'm sure he'd have moved to one of them in order to grow his political base.

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    Yes, you are mentally challenged. You are an ignorant, gun toting, racist redneck terrorist, hell bent on allowing felons and the mentally ill to own fire arms. At least, that's what the current administration is saying through the main stream media. If you do not believe me, just ask Piers Morgan.

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    I think we all know by now that anything anti-gun is completely biased or completely false. They have to lie to get what they want because they are pos. The agenda for the progressive libtards is the destruction of the constitution and implementation of new world order marxism.
    "Those who would trade liberty for security, deserves neither liberty nor security."
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    Quote Originally Posted by dustoffuh1 View Post
    That "90%" figure was from a poll which consisted of only 6 states, of which are mostly anti-gun. So,,,, that 90% figure is complete bullcrap
    That's not true. Several poll results have been cited for that claim and they cover far more than four states. The problem with those polls isn't the sampling size. It's the validity. Here's what I mean:
    Q: Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows?
    -- Washington Post/ABC News
    Please tell me if you would favor or oppose the following proposals about gun policy....Making private gun sales and sales at gun shows subject to background checks
    -- Pew Research
    Notice that nowhere in those questions is it pointed out that there are already background checks at gun shows. Every single person I've talked to that isn't familiar with guns or the politics surrounding them thinks that there aren't any background checks at gun shows, so naturally they would answer that they would support such proposals, when in fact many of them would not if they knew all the facts. This is also borne out by the fact that those poll numbers are almost all from the timeframe immediately after Sandy Hook, when reporting was far more driven by emotion rather than fact, and that as more facts have been coming to light since then, the numbers have been dropping significantly.
    But it gets even better. The Associated Press reported in January that "80 percent of gun owners do support federal standards for gun-show background checks, as do 87 percent of non-gun owners." But their poll didn't show any seperation of gun owners and non-gun owners. And in addition to the fact that it didn't mention that background checks exist, just as the above questions didn't, this poll went one step further. When given the list of what the respondents were to answer that they favor or don't favor, the AP-GfK poll said "Establish a federal standard requiring background checks for those trying to buy guns at a gun show" They said "Establish", giving the very distinct impression that there is no current federal standard requiring background checks at gun shows, which we all know isn't true. So not only did they simply omit the fact that the same background standards apply at gun shows as the others did, the AP basically stated that there was no background check requirement at all. You can see the actual poll at
    It must always be remembered that there is an enormous difference between a poll and a scientificantly researched and proven fact. Poll questions can and often are written specifically to get a desired response, as the questions above demonstrate. They left the facts out so the unwary respondent would think they were responding based on fact, when they were doing nothing of the sort. But the biggest way in which polls are manipulated, and our media is famous for this, is in manipulating public opinion by tailoring how you report the results. It's quite easy to cherry pick certain numbers or interpretations from polls to report conclusions that are in no way valid, but nevertheless support the desired result of a media outlet. The left leaning media does this all the time.
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    Most polls are BS, and are predictable based on the questions you ask. Scenario (and you could ask all 57 states ) "If we can write a law that will help protect our children, would you support it?" Enter liberal logic - Well, I think background checks will protect our children, so 90% of America must support it! The fact that the number as low as 90% is probably fudged because 100% wouldn't pass muster...

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