Congressman Amash,

The State Dept. received many notices well in advance of the attack. But while we kept embassies in such dangerous places as Barbados well secured, they WITHDREW security forces from Benghazi and then DENIED them reinforcements when they needed them most. If this had been a simple act of terrorism that was unforeseen, then maybe you could argue that holding an official responsible is nothing more than political grandstanding. That clearly was not the case here. To make matters worse, we know for a fact that the CIA had a specops/rapid react force only a short distance from the Benghazi compound when the attack took place. The two former special forces operatives who died defending the compound were part of that force, they were told three times to stand down, but they chose to disobey that order and go into a situation that was nothing less than suicidal to defend sovereign US territory. They were ordered to stand down by the National Command Authority (NCA - the President and Sec Def), and then they were denied the reinforcements that could have gotten most, if not all, of our people out safely. This isn't negligence, it is criminal dereliction of duty on the part of the NCA.

There is one other aspect of this case that has not yet been addressed publicly. The ambassador's trip to Benghazi was UNPLANNED and UNANNOUNCED. So how did the terrorists know to find him there and not in Tripoli? Someone in the terrorist network had inside information, yet, I have heard no one address that aspect of this tragedy. I ask that you use your position and influence to insure that this avenue of inquiry is pursued.

To be honest, I believe former Sec. Clinton and other underlings will be required to fall on their swords (remember Whitewater?) while the chief executive, the one ultimately responsible for giving the stand down order, skates. I hope I am proven wrong.