silencers are scary.
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Thread: silencers are scary.

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    silencers are scary.

    Here they go again. Blame the NRA for everything. Oh. And throw in a few scary BS campfire story Hypotheticals for good measure.

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    silencers are scary.

    I've never heard of a true "silencer". A suppressor on the other hand makes shooting more enjoyable and less scary. I think their logic is flawed.. Not to mention the amount of regulations on suppressors which makes their use in crimes almost nonexistent.

    I had to stop reading that article about 2 paragraphs in. The liberal fascist rhetoric about had me in stitches. I am in favor of deregulating suppressors. Although I think the comments on the site were much more entertaining than the article. They're all a bunch of cry babies.
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    Last time I checked, it was a $200 tax stamp to the BATFE in order to even be allowed to purchase one. They are regulated as fully automatic machine guns are.

    However, I personally feel if you have a firearm at home for protection, you should have a suppressor on it for a couple of reasons. A discharged firearm in an enclosed space will temporarily (possibly permanently) deafen you and also the shock of something that loud will disorient you making you less effective at defending yourself.

    I personally have a G22 and G23. I use the G22 for EDC and I'm planning on getting suppressor on my G23 for having at home.
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    silencers are scary.

    They are ALWAYS portrayed in the movies as something only a highly trained assassin, secret agent, or criminal would use.

    I just saw an episode of Law and Order SVU where a guy had a suppressor on his gun and Marishka Hargitay's reaction was very harsh. He was, of course, a super-secret agent for the NY Attorney General.

    Our TV and movies tell us how to react:

    1. If you're poor, you are supposed to hate the police.

    2. Even though you hate the police, you are not allowed to defend yourself from criminals.

    3. If you have a gun, you are automatically a criminal. Period.

    4. Any rifle with a magazine larger than 3 bullets is fully automatic and can fire continuously for at least 3 minutes without stopping.

    5. Any bullet fired from any gun, regardless of caliber, will fly in a straight line at maximum velocity indefinitely until it hits a brick wall. After that, it will ricochet and seek out the nearest child or young mother with her child.

    6. Any gun not carried by a magic police officer can go off at any time without warning. The bullet from that incident will follow the path described above.

    7. Anyone who is NOT a police officer cannot be trusted to not leave a loaded gun unattended and in plain sight when there are children around.

    8. See above. If an unloaded gun is set down on a high shelf for 30 seconds, the nearest child will fall under its magical talisman powers, find the ammunition matching the gun, load it, and shoot his sibling, friend, or mother.

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    Not even sure how one would find an article hosted by them. Salon? Who is that? I generally make a brief "character" judgement about a site and its worthiness and credibility based upon the other content surrounding the item I'm perusing. Judging a book by its cover? Sort of...and on today's list, we have an article on "Why I hate Mother's Day", something about Facebook Home, "Worst porn ever?", "My virginity mistake", and the list goes on and on. Yup; nothing but drivel. They can wrap the rest of those articles with this fine piece of media and flush the entire site down the tube, as far as I'm concerned. I'm trying to remain P.C. here and not sound like a bigot, but I'm sure we all know where this rant would end up going when I'd begin to describe the "author" of that piece of "journalism" and will allow your own creative minds to fill in the blanks. It's neurotic, failed attempts at procreation like Alexander Zaitchik which conjure up lunatic sob stories that make me thank my lucky stars that I have the mental facilities that I do, and the foundation upon which they're built, that believes in individual liberties and freedom, along with a patriotic duty to preserve our country and its heritage which gets me out of bed everyday and drives me to keep up the fight on said preservation of our sacred Constitution. The very nature of Alexander's behavior and emotional bias against rationale thinking is a textbook example of liberal thinking and the "cling to your government" mentality that sickens me to the core. Stay free, ladies and gents. Don't pay this scab under Lady Liberty's foot any mind. It'll fall off eventually.

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    silencers are scary.

    I would love to build one, but Nancy Grace would come after me.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Andrew49417 View Post
    I would love to build one, but Nancy Grace would come after me.
    Then build one fill out the form 1 and go to town when you get you're stamp..

    For those of you with a issue with the word silencer need to do a little look back in time. The first person to make and truly market them called them SILENCERS thus there name ( not their function ) the Maxim SILENCER was a boon and people loved em. So in reality the proper term for them is in fact silencer. He was a man well before his time. Today we have suppressors however silence is the goal and depending on the suppressor caliber and load you can obtain silence ( or VERY close).. I have a integral Ruger 10/22 that with subs will have as the only sound the bolt going click click click.

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    I don't know if the bill died, is languishing on someone's desk, or is in that twilight zone called "committee" -- but Ks was considering allowing suppressors during hunting season.
    Libs were all worried about the impending extinction of Bambi due to the mass slaughter it would create (????? we would still have bag limits).
    No, it would keep you from ruining the guy's shot 1/2 mile away who was zeroed on a different deer that you just spooked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maine04619 View Post
    I have a integral Ruger 10/22 that with subs will have as the only sound the bolt going click click click.
    Please post video when you get this done. I'd like to see how quiet it can get with a long rifle and the right load. I've seen them reduce the noise quiet a bit, but even with a .22 cal, they don't come close to that rush of air "pwet" sound effect they always use in the movies. Typically it still sounds obvious like a round going off, just more like you're a bit further away from it. Enough to probably safely fire without hearing protection, but not like you could fire in one room, and a person in the next room wouldn't notice it like Hollywood would have you believe.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Bigcarlover View Post
    Please post video when you get this done.

    Maine Yankee Hill Machine integral 10/22 HD - YouTube

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